Are there any updates on the upcoming features?

What’s WLV2?

Workout Levels Version 2

  • The new way for TR to analyze workouts based upon the actual power data used in all instances. This is meant to address the “unstructured” ride, race, workout type of thing that’s been in motion for over a year. It may also handle the over/under performance work done in typical TR inside workouts to give more appropriate PL values.
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Good deal. That’s number 1 priority for me so I’m glad they’re working on that first.

Interesting. Is there a known issue deficit/issue with how TR PL values with over/under performance?

Kind of… In short, if you notably kick over and exceed your prescribed workout, you won’t be getting “extra credit”. It will just give you the pre-defined PL for the workout, not what you actually did.


Makes sense. Not a problem for me - I never exceed the prescribed workout. :laughing:

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Add someone who hasn’t been active here for more than a year:

What’s Nate mean by Red/Green (in the linked post)?

It is meant to be a way for them to identify and then recommend (like a stop light) when people should hit it hard (Green Light) vs take it easy (Red light).

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Has anyone heard any update on when the WL update will actually update? Trying to decide whether to renew or cancel my sub.

This is about the latest I have seen on the topic:

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This has seemed somewhat uncharacteristic of the TR crew. Updates on product features seemed to flow at some consistent rate (whether that was measured in weeks or months), supporting an agile development models. But I think we are going on over a year now since a substantial update. Even updates on WLs are slim. What is going on at TR headquarters?

Now for my complete and total speculation - I think they moved nearly all developer resources to focus on an integration into Zwift workouts. End Speculation


I agree that the new product feature updates seem to have slowed, if not stopped. I think the market share/growth of Zwift must be a huge concern for TR (unless the rumors of a merger are actually true.)


Has Nate teased any updates recently on the podcast? I’ve fallen out of the habit of listening.

  • I don’t think that is accurate. Here is what I found that happened this year.

Feb 9, 2022 - Rather big debut:

Aug 9, 2022 - Maybe not “substantial” to everyone, but plenty of people asked for this over many years:

Jul 11, 2022 - Maybe not “substantial” to everyone, but plenty of people asked for this:

WRT to Workout Levels Version 2.0, I agree that it’s unfortunate via the delay we have seen here. It was mentioned by Nate shortly after the debut of AT. So this has been a long time coming, but recent mentions from Nate and others indicate we are getting closer.

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Nate mentioned essentially what Sarah covered in the post I linked above. They are planning to get people into a closed beta and then an “Early Release” once that beta proves successful.

That is a fair point and also, I might have used the term “update” poorly. My intent with the term update was product roadmap discussion. I didn’t mean it as a product feature release. You are indeed correct - AI FTP was a very substantial feature release.


I hope you’re speculation is right. TrainerRoad integrating with Zwift (and TrainingPeaks) would be a great move. I subscribe to all three, so it would obviously be great for me. It would also push TR and Zwift into a much stronger position in regards to competing with Systm.

And just to be very clear, my speculation is just that. I don’t have any insight into this matter. But for those who are interested, here is my rationale:

  • Summer of 21’ -Nate and team discuss whole host of potential new features (AI-FTP, Red Light/Green light, unstructured rides incorporated in ATs consideration). Jonathan even mentions using some of them in early dev(Red Light/Green light, I believe). I think it is fair to say that discussions like this were not unusual (either on the podcast or in the forums from Nate).
  • January of 22’ - Zwift surveys users whether they would be interested in a “premium membership” with features that are features that TR offers (even using the same terminology, adaptive training/etc)
  • January of 22’ - Eric Min (Zwift CEO) posts picutres from Reno, NV
  • February of 22’ - Release of AI FTP. And that has been it for previously hinted at items (as best as I can tell)

Ok, I should stop with the rampant speculation at this point. There are a lot of other reasons for the slow down in product roadmap discussions, many of which would be more plausible than my tin foil hat stuff.


The ability to move recovery weeks around is seriously lacking, yet probably one of the easier developments to implement to adaptive training, instead of the somewhat more gimmicky features being lined up…

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Any plans to open up training plans to just two days per week? I would like to do two 1.5hr or 2hr sessions, but not three.