Are my shoes too loose?

I find these shoes pretty comfy…just wonder if they are too loose. My heel sometimes slips up.

I am also wearing a G8 insole and that seems to push my heel up a bit…to where the shoe can’t cup my heel completely. maybe I should ditch those and just use the flat liners?

just wondering how tight you all wear your shoes. off the bike I wear very minimalist / loose fitting shoes.


If you like comfort then they are not too big. Tighten them up a bit more.
Now if you’re a sprinter then yes they are too loose.
My right heel slips a bit but not excessive.

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If it’s not a problem then it’s not something to worry about. If you’re having foot pain or hot spots then that’s a discussion. However, in an attempt to fix something that’s not broken may result in causing a problem.

i have occasional knee pain…so trying to tidy up all loose ends.

my feet feel fine though.

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Knee pain

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ty for the link. I’ve been working on my entire fit with that site and a fitter.

so I think part of the problem might be that because my shoes are too long, my cleat center is positioned slightly too far forward.

my shoes are a 48 wide

if I go down to 47, my toes feel jammed

so I dunno. i guess I need to find another brand?

I bought a device that let’s me move my cleat farther backwards (haven’t tried it yet). I feel like that’s a bandaid to the problem.

After I switched to Lake shoes it allowed me to place my cleats further back. This felt like I was able to produce more power.