Are Gravel Handlebars Allowed in Road Racing?

Are the flared gravel dropbars allowed to be used in road racing? Specifically looking at USAC but I don’t see anything

USAC will take their lead from UCI, so have fun going through their tech guide.
Some roads bars are already flared, obviously not to the extent that some gravel are. How much flare are you looking at specifically?

Yea, Enve’s Aero Road Bar have a slight flare to them.

From UCI, can’t find mention of any flare restrictions as long as they’re less than 50cm wide, and don’t stick out 5cm past the front axle center line.

“The maximum width of 50cm for the bicycle directly relates the maximum authorised width of handlebars.”

“In no case shall the front of the handlebars exceed the tolerance of 5 cm in relation to a vertical line passing through the front wheel axle”

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If they allow Van Schip’s bars, you’d think they’d allow a little gravel flare


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Thanks guys for the replies… Looks like with the flare measuring from the drops they are 56cm wide :astonished: Guess I’ll need to get some different bars