Apple Watch - how does it fit into your lifestyle / training

Make sure you check it within a couple hours of a workout. It will sometimes have a notification on the bottom of the watch face that says something like, “your workout didn’t come across, do a 1 minute Breathe to force it”

I didn’t realize this until I wrote them to ask why things weren’t looking right.

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Hi all

I’m the chap behind Training Today app - feel free to ask me anything or join our Discord chat to discuss with our new community. It is a simple app so far but a lot of people seem to be getting value from it. We have plans though which I share in the Discord. We are a small team with limited resources but I do have big hopes for where the app can go especially if we can get as much feedback as possible. Discord is here

I also run a blog on Apple Watch and triathlons here




Combined with Autosleep app on iPhone, my Apple Watch has become an essential tool for sleep tracking. Something I’ve long struggled with. The heart rate data is also a useful supplement when I’m not using my heart rate strap (which I use on most rides now for data consistency).

I used my watch for heart rate data and interfacing with Strava for well over a year.

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I don’t use Training Today (but will download and check it out later), however, I wear my AW5 nearly 24x7 since I got it last December. I haven’t had any battery life issues mainly because I got into the habit of always putting it on the charger whenever I take a shower. After my morning workout I leave it there while I have some breakfast and my phone sends me a notification when it’s fully charged.

Although it’s not needed, I also put it on the charger if I take another shower during the day (second workout, working in the yard, etc.) as it helped build that habit of shower = charging time.

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How did you get your phone to tell you when it’s charged? I like that idea!

True dat! I’m an unashamed Apple fanboy and would give anything to size down to an SE or maybe the 12 mini but I love love love having the best camera possible - 11 Pro for me at the moment.

Previously there was a third party app for it but I’m blanking on the name as I’ve since deleted it because the iOS 14 update from early this summer included it natively.

EDIT: Juice Watch was the app.

I’m also a big mechanical watch fan & have resisted getting an AW or the like because it seems it wouldn’t be worth it if not worn everyday. Do you wear the Apple Watch exclusively now or just for exercise?

I am honestly waiting for the 12 Mini, I never use the zoom camera, so the wide and ultra wide will be perfect :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to have a normal phone again haha.

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@jaylikesbikes - I have a Bremont MBII which i love, but since having an AW i havent worn it as much. Although it’s become more of a weekend thing now. I use the AW through the week and always wear it at night, I might even some times wear both haha.

My Bremont needs a service so for 12 weeks ill be using the AW all the time, my worry is that when it comes back from it’s service it will just sit in its winder…

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Unfortunately I use the zoom quite a bit. I’m holding out hope that the zoom will make it’s way to the 13 mini and that’s when I can make the switch.

So you’re saying “it just automatically happens”? I’m asking because I’ve never seen this and my iOS is up to date.

Yes it does - but only when it’s fully charged (and only if it is the currently active watch if you have two). More info here:

Thanks. I did see that before I asked, but it doesn’t explain how to make it work. I think I just figured out why though. My watch never gets to 100%. The ring closes, but it sits at 99.

Oh that’s annoying! Would be better if Apple gave a notification at 90% or 95% too perhaps…

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I was going to say mine just works but it looks like you figured it out from the followup comments.

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Me, too! I feel like Apple tricked me into needing a watch because I cannot lug the ginormous phone around,

I actually think the fitness features can be problematic on the watch. Mine does not seem to recognize the need for rest days and it seems to encourage overtraining. Mine is kind of a judgmental jerk too. I shut of the feature that kept telling me to stand up.

Different perspective but perhaps helpful:

After having used the series two, three, and four I decided for myself that the Apple Watch does not fit in my fitness lifestyle. Here is why:

(1) Battery, it never lasted me through a day and night. Doing a bike workout or a run always ultimately pushed it to its limits.
(2) Screen, it is terrific in good conditions though not so much in rain or when sweating heavily.
(3) Spotify, I use it ever since it came out. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch does not offer offline caching music. Bummer.
(4) GPS accuracy, it was never good. I run the same couple of routes day in day out. Though every second run the watch had a proper hiccup which messed up my data.

Ultimately, the reasons above annoyed me to a point where I decided to pull the plug on it. I switched to a Garmin Forerunner 945 and am happy as can be.
I need to charge it once per week, physical buttons allow access even in super wet conditions, Spotify offers an offline mode, and GPS accuracy is superb.
The only thing I am now missing is Apple Pay as Garmin Pay is not available with my bank. Though there are alternatives available.

I use a few of the tools already mentioned like Workoutdoors and Training Today.

But I also use Cardiogram to glance at my HR overnight (I wear the watch overnight and charge whilst having breakfast), ie this was last night, after a zwift race at 7:50pm, HR didn’t drop “into the blue” compared to Monday night where I trained much earlier in the day.

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