Anyone wax a 12 speed SRAM AXS chain yet? Difference between Force AXS and Red AXS Chain?

Pretty much. I just soak new chains in mineral spirits for 2 days, then ultrasonic in Dawn solution followed by a rinse cycle, dry with alcohol, then dip. Rewaxing is just an ultrasonic at 62 degrees C, dry in alcohol, then dip… very easy. I thank myself every day; buttery smooth.

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Sorry to bring this up again, but do you have a Red or Force cassette? I looked up and apparently the only difference between force and red chain are the hollow pins, which save 14 grams… but the force chain is almost half the price. Some people say the force chain is noisier, but maybe it’s because of mixing with a red cassette…

I’m about to strip the factory lube off a new SRAM AXS 12 Speed chain.

I can’t find Denatured Alcohol in California (illegal now). What time of alcohol should I use? Some products have water in it.


Silca podcast mentioned ok to use acetone I/o denatured alcohol

Probably late to the party, but a mate in my club is a swanny/mechanic on Pro Conti team. He was told specifically by SRAM to NOT use wax. Their tests came out very negative and potentially damaging. Other OEMs haven’t indicated one way or another.

Sample of 1 but he had no axe to grind.

90% of noise in AXS originated from cassette. Force AXS cassettes is crap. Bike with SRAM Red AXS. Waxed chain. Quiet on the road. I bought Force AXS (who cares of cassettes on trainers?) cassette for trainer … Oh! The noise is horrible. Replaced with Red AXS - all smooth and quiet.

I’ve been running axs force on my gravel bike since October. Moltens sped wax, drivetrain is quiet. I’m not very particular about drivetrain noise, but my force cassette has never been noisy in my opinion.

I have the same experience as Aleksandr_Dorofeev.

I also have a new SRAM Force drive train for a few weeks. Also noisy. Tried everything here. Tried Red chain, no difference.

Purchased Red cassette and it is silent now. Can’t explain this but the difference is quiet dramatic: something is going on.

I also tried swapping the Force/Red cassette on Tacx / bike and vv. Force cassette is noisy either way. Red is silent either way.