Anyone using RGT Cycling, thoughts?

I generally prefer RGT to Zwift these days. The only thing that keeps my Zwift subscription going is the number of races to choose from at any one time, but I expect RGT will keep offering more racing as it grows.

It’s easy to over race online. I think RGT has enough races right now for the number of people who want to race.

How do you get TR and RGT to run together? I can’t get TR to control the trainer as RGT always wants to be the controller for slope.

I mainly use IOS and AppleTV combo but have tried using an Android tablet as well without success

Do you have a Power meter? I connect both RGT and TR to mine but RGT is not connected to the trainer for me (only TR).

Edit: however on other days RGT is connected to the trainer and not TR depending how I feel :wink:

I have 2 Ant+ dongles and a BLE dongle, Windows and Android phone.
I open RGT and ensure nothing is connected in the app. Then open Trainerroad, connect all devices in there then start the workout. Once it’s clear that Trainerroad is controlling things, usually easy to tell if you’re going uphill and the power in the warm up is low, I then connect in RGT, the only way I can get the avatar to move is to use the trainer option via Ant+.
Occasionally RGT seems to take over , very rarely, and when it does i just disconnect trainer from RGT, leave things to settle and then reconnect. It works really well for me this way but I think it does depend on your equipment as I’ve seen other ways. Just need to play around and find what works but it’s definitely doable

EDIT - I have no doubt many will wonder “why bother?” I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to that one other than “because you can”


I am getting the NPE cable pod tomorrow to get my Atv to work with Zwift and TR (on my iphone) together via Bt. Would or could be the same for you with rgt.

I’ve been using RGT for 2 years now. Main issues are related to conectivity and in those most of them are related to bad internet. WiFi is just to instable. Since I got a powerline to the garage that allows me to have a wired connection to the PC using ANT+ from the PC to connect to the trainer and leaving the much stronger WiFi that comes out of the powerline when compared to the main router signal just for the phone app i’ve stopped having connection issues. RGT calculates the avatar position on their servers not on each one’s PC like Zwift for instance and thats one of the reasons they need a much more reliable and stable connection and just WiFi even a high speed one sometimes isnt good enough due to the so many ways WiFi can get interferences.

You can read this article explaining in detail this conectivity issue that is in fact the main reason for some to dislike the app: RGT Cycling - BLOG - CONNECTIVITY PAINS? - WE CAN FIX IT

Also races are getting each day more crowded are are mainly users organized. The Ride feeling for me beats any other APP i’ve tested so far within that type of APPS. And beeing able to create your own roads just by sending rgt a GPX file is in fact bringing a lot more users to that APP.

I finally gave RGT a try the other day as zwift was down. I’m on a decent PC with good graphics and a lot of ram… probably could run zwift in 4K if I had a 4K display. I ran the mobile app on my ipad mini. My internet is wired and usually pretty solid connection. I just did a solo ride of the Cap Formentor route, out and back. I have a kickr and a climb, and the first thing I noticed is that whatever info RGT sends to kickr seems to make the climb work a lot better than it does in zwift, seems a lot smoother and reacts faster than the climb does in zwift. Overall I felt like the simulation seemed smoother in terms of resistance changes than it does in zwift. The speed on the flat section seemed a lot more realistic for me than it does in zwift too, not that I am too concerned about virtual distance/speed.

The graphics aren’t amazing, I think GTAbike probably has the best graphics right now. The scenery graphics seems a bit more muted and realistic whereas zwift sometimes seems like a highly filter instagram photo. Some of the graphics in zwift look better… especially the rider avatar looks weird to me, but I can’t really say what about it is ‘off’. It leans a bunch during the ride and on corners will stick out a leg. I don’t know what was going on during my ride but it would stand up and start bouncing around a lot; looked really funny.

I only ended drafting someone for a little while but it was cool to see the ‘watts saved’ pop up. I also liked being able to turn off all the display bits, or just toggle some on/off as I needed to… zwift just added the hud on/off thing which is nice but kinda pathetic it took 5 years to get that feature.

I like the idea of the magic roads so I am gonna have to check that feature out too, but my boredom with zwift comes from the lack of new roads… they have so much money coming in now and don’t seem to really have much in the pipeline for new roads. I read somewhere that Eric Min said that’s not really even a priority for them right now…

I don’t race a lot on zwift and don’t really interact with anyone in the group rides so I’m not sure if it’s worth the 19$ a month to ride the same old routes that I’m already bored of, even though I only started on zwift last year. I didn’t have any trouble setting up either program or getting my devices to pair.


Well you highlighted the key points for a good experience, good graphic capability, lots of RAM and a stable Internet connection, you can run it quite happily on 4G, you don’t need Internet speed, just stable connection.
In my experience over the last 18 months the vast majority of issues I see are related to the kit people have and the location of use, very rarely is it an RGT problem.
They did have a spate of people not being able to join events due to server issues amd to me this is the worst problem, nothing worse than planning your day around an event and then not be able to enter it.
It’s not perfect but still a very good platform.


I used it for the first time in a couple of months last night in parallel to TR and it was nice and stable. It was also good to see they have added a new road. Although see is a relative term being a glasses wearer and they were rather blurred at the end (I really must find my head band) :joy:

Before the blur: