Anyone using HRV? (Heart Rate Variability)

I’ve been using both Elite HRV and KubiosHRV. The data and recs are often at odds. After a moderately challenging ride (TR Hunter) yesterday, Elite gave me a 6 (out of 10) and suggested recovery. RMSSD and SDNN were 28 and 40, respectively. KubiosHRV rated me at 94% (an all time high) with the same two readings 91 and 51. Readings were taken back-to-back.


Not surprised. I see this between EliteHRV and HRV4Training at my wake-up HRV measurement. I see them align more often than not. At this point I tend to align with HRV4Training but will admit it only influences my training decisions with the help of how I feel, how I think I slept and how my Garmin tells me I rested.

1 Like can do the same LT1 estimation if your watches, head unit can record RR intervals (typically all Fenix series, FR9x5, etc.)