Anyone using a Whoop?

About to do a two hour z2 today!

Literally flip your phone into landscape mode with the app home on the home tab. Ensure rotate lock is off on your phone and if it doesn’t work try closing the app, reopening it, then rotating the phone to landscape mode (tilt mode seekers finicky since the big UI revamp).

It’s feature number 2:

Edit: Realized you already knew about Tilt Mode but apparently it just wasn’t working for you. Sorry, you’re DCRainMaker, I should have known better. :joy:


I use a Vivosmart 4 also. The only thing that bothers me is I am pretty sure the sleep tracking isn’t even close. There are days where it says I fell asleep over an hour before I even get in bed. And it never captures when I wake up in the night, even if I physically get out of bed to put a kid back to sleep.

I bought it for daily use and mostly for golf though. So I’ve been generally happy with it.

Thanks. Good ol’ restart of app fixed it.

For me the two align pretty well to HR spikes, almost exactly.

Though, it’s odd that there’s a gap between when I woke up, and when Stress ‘tracking’ started. Oh well…

Did you just get the feature today? I get stress scoring for my entire sleep.

Nope, I got it yesterday at noon my time. But no stress scores during sleep at all last night, it just started this morning an hour two or so after I woke up. Like it needed coffee or something.

Yeah Daily stress tracking needs some work as my daily notification popped up 40 minutes into a 60 minute TR workout. Good job Whoop, it’s no wonder why I’m not going to be renewing this time around.

Curious why this is an issue?

It’s just bad coding. What is the point of popping a stress report DURING a stress event. It demonstrates a lack of attention to detail, which after two plus years of whoop, isn’t surprising at all.

Just strikes me more as a v1 thing. The notification seems to go out, more or less, the same time daily. I imagine they will add more notification control in the future.

But we clearly have different opinions on Whoop, which is fine so I don’t want to get overly defensive.

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Yeah that’s more like an Alpha/Beta bug, than V1. Looking at the timing of the notifications I got on Tuesday & Wednesday it’s set to push notifications at midnight UTC, which is mid afternoon Pacific time. So like I said lazy coding, lack of attention to detail.

Saw a splash screen on my app, but still not seeing the new feature. Wondering if disabling the journal features suppresses it for me. Oh well.

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You may need to update your app. I saw the popup then didn’t see the feature but now it’s on my overview screen just under Key Statistics (HRV, Sleep Performance, Calories).

Seems harsh. You don’t have to like Whoop, especially at a subscription model of ~$22/month if you go annual. I get it, hefty price means hefty expectations. But I don’t understand getting upset at the timing of a specific, daily notification you can simply turn off. To chalk it to “lazy coding” is extreme. The feature seems to align with a MVP mindset. Ship something with value that may not have all the bells and whistles and iterate on it/add features as you go. I wouldn’t call a daily notification you can’t customize the timing a bug (in my mind that doesn’t even fit the definition of a bug) or show stopper. But that is the Agile evangelist in me talking.

It’s not any one thing that irritates me about whoop, it’s the cumulative total of all the little things.

For me personally it’s been worth it to learn what to look for in RHR, HRV, strain, etc, but the value has fallen off from there now that battery life is worse with the latest version of hardware, and new features of questionable value. e.g. in the new app when it detects an activity it no longer defaults mine to cycling, its an activity and I have to go in every time and change it, as well as update the wear location. How many times do I need to input the same information for it to take as a default activity and default location for where the device is worn for an activity? Apparently a great deal because it’s yet to figure it out yet.

No, for the cost, even at the much lower price for an 18 month subscription, it doesn’t deliver value commensurate with price.

Fair and absolutely valid. I still like my Whoop and did an annual re-up this winter. I have been liking the new features like the revamped activity and home page UI.

I like my Whoop for the long term data, like how I am progressing (or not) over 6 months or years at a time. In terms of day to day: unless I am deep in red or sick will I let a 50% recovery stop me from doing an interval workout? Nope. But as of now the long term data view justifies the price for me. But I can easily see how it wouldn’t for everybody.

But then again:

It me.

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Just canceled mine

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A very narcisstic question but… would it look ridiculous to have an Apple Watch on one wrist and a Whoop on the other? I feel naked without something on my wrist, whilst I can imagine one on each wrist feels odd, but do like a lot of the features of each

It’s pretty common to see people with Whoop on one, and watch on other. Totally the norm.

You can also do as I do, and just wear the Whoop using the bicep band, then it’s hidden from view all the time (and has better accuracy to boot).


It’s been a long time since I had my Whoop, but I feel like there was even a setting to switch it from one arm to the other, isn’t there?

Having the app I don’t see one but I have switched arms before without issue.

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