Anyone using a Whoop?

Likewise. Waiting to see what the Fenix 7 brings.

Must say you have very good taste - same bike (Supercaliber) and we’ll end up having same watches :joy:

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Decided to make the jump. I only did 6 months so at least I don’t get tied into it too much. I also used a friends promo code for a free month so I feel good about. Figured I’d pay it forward. If you are interested here is my code for a free month

Same here, long time Apple Watch wearer, Whoop will be delivered tomorrow.

Have tried every app and method of measurement possible without much success. We’ll see if this one sticks.

I couldn’t reconcile the skin irritation through Whoop’s support and finally gave up on it for good.

I did however pick up an Apple watch and notice something interesting regarding HRV measurements.

My Whoop HRV was always rather low, almost always in the 30-40ms range. It didn’t stray much outside this range despite changes in my training plans, some very chaotic and stressful events, and periods of calm. This always stuck me as rather odd, I can’t say that I ever fully trusted these numbers.

Right off the bat the Apple watch seems to make more sense. Kicking off a Breath session first thing in the morning has returned values in the 70-100ms range, and random measurements throughout the day are all over the map.

I get it that HRV is highly individual, and you can’t directly compare different devices, but the Whoop just seems way out of line here. The sad thing is you can’t even look deeper into the data to try to sort it out, you get what the app gives you, take it or leave it.


One of the things I heard in a podcast about HRV was that HRV should not be measured while laying down. Ideally, it should be measured while sitting, around the same time every day, while not doing anything else. But Whoop measures it at some point while we are sleeping (and presumably all of us sleep laying down, but I guess some may not). I don’t think Whoop wants to give up their measuring protocols. I’ve got my subscription that’s good through the rest of the year. May not resubscribe after that. Might switch to an Apple Watch or a Garmin watch, especially if one of those devices measures HRV.

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The HRV reading for whoop was always taken during deep sleep. Where as the AW takes the readings through out the day. My whoop HRV readings range from 50 - 75.

Where as sometimes my AW detects 160+

Whoop does take HRV through out the day, but the reading it gives you is the reading taken during deep sleep

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I get white coat syndrome. If I sit down to measure my HR it will spike.

Taking HRV whilst I’m asleep is ideal :slight_smile:

My respiratory rate has been climbing but HRV and RHR are OK. Has anyone had this before?

Wonder if it’s hayfever.

Did a Covid test and it’s not that.

My respiration rate number is definitely is tied to how my sinuses are doing.


An interesting note I’ve found is that my RHR reading seem to be overly-affected if I get abnormally little sleep, I guess to do with the timing of the measurement? I’ve had this happen both when I actually get very little sleep (possibly true reading but hard to say, +5 beats on 40 is a lot!) and also from it falsely ending my sleep early. When I correct the sleep time in the second scenario my RHR jumps back to normal almost every time. Anyone else get this?

Yeah I’ve noticed some weird stuff with sleep. Today it thought I woke up at 4am and had me at 90% recovered. I changed the time to 7am (which is when I thought I woke up) and it went to 1% recovery!

I changed it to around 6:30 and back to 90% recovery.

Thanks. Everything about Resp Rate online is COVID COVID COVID :frowning:

I’ll second what @STP said. Also fwiw, tracking respiration rate is probably a bit “tough” from the wrist so unless you’re seeing major long-term changes, it could just be noisy data.

Back to normal today, sleep detection still weird though.

It also thought my HR during a walk was 160bpm - seem to be a known bug. No way to delete the data either :frowning:

Reading things like this has swayed me not to get a whoop band! Thanks for the honest feedback. It seems as if the data can be way off at times and so perhaps isn’t worth the subscription? Are there any other products out there that can do similar? Perhaps a Garmin watch or something? I’ve heard people speak about a particular Garmin product that does the same but can’t remember which one!

I was tempted to get a Whoop but, similarly, after reading the feedback on here I think I’m going to get the Garmin Venu 2

It’s relatively easy to get respiration from hrv. The hard part is getting good hrv measurements. (End result may be the same)

I stopped wearing my Whoop after 2 months.

Most of the information is not actionable, IMO. Yeah I know, I should go to bed earlier and wake up later. What else?

After my 2nd Covid shot, my recovery score was under 10%. I felt sh*tty so it was no surprise, but it was a fun piece of data.


yea, the consistent complaints i have seen stem from the fact that wrist based HRM arent accurate enough for most people (especially during activity) and if it thinks you are running at 95% of max HR when its really an easy run you are going to get useless training/recovery scores. I do think HRV is an interesting concept that will soon be integrated into more watches/apps as our understanding of the values continues to grow.

Former full time Apple Watch wearer here for about six years. Over the last year or so I’ve tried multiple phone and Apple Watch applications that give you a recovery score based off of all day HRV or a morning reading with your phone camera. Limited success at best with these applications.

Bought a Whoop subscription in early April and have been quite pleased with it and find the accuracy to be extremely close to my TICKR. Generally about 3 beats lower on average and a few higher on max during a workout. You have to wear it higher and tighter on your wrist than you think, same with biceps band, it has to be tight.

In the almost two months that I’ve been wearing my time in bed has increased by about 40 minutes per day, I’ve learned how to modify my training to keep recovery high and have changed various habits to facilitate better sleep.

Whoop has made a positive difference for me.