Anyone using a Whoop?

Was tempted with a Whoop, offering 20% discount but is still a lot of cash when looking at a year or more ownership.

So I’ve bitten the bullet, done a little research and I am going for the Garmin Venu 2 as my fitness/fatigue/sleep advisor. Appears to do what I want and all reviews are glowing.

I’ve got to give a shout out to Garmin over this, I purchased at Forerunner 305 back in 2007. I enquired about a repair some two years back (I have original order/serial number details etc) as they do 90 day warranted repairs on tech but it appears they no longer fix the 305’s. Didn’t take up the offer then as my running days appeared over… another story

Anyway after I reached out again with my broken 305 they offered me 30% discount on any new watch purchased from their website. Emails were answered in minutes! Followed the link they gave me once I decided on colour etc and purchased the Venu 2 at 30% discount.

Sent my old 305 back yesterday by Royal Mail 1st class signed for and today they received it and have dispatched my new Venu2 which has been sent via UPS for a delivery tomorrow!

Now that’s what I call customer service :grinning:

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Is there any rumour when will 4.0 be released and what if I order 3.0 with 18 months subscription now and then 4.0 go out? Will they change it for free or I would have to pay something?

I asked whoop that exact question a month ago and they said they do not know when 4.0 will be released and they do not know if there will be a fee for upgrade. So the official answer is 🤷

I agree, ive had mine a month and the HR is tracking well with an hr strap. The recover score seem to be pretty accurate, enough so that i change my schedule to do hard workouts when it said i was fresh and i crushed them. Pretty happy with whoop so far

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