Anyone use an off brand CX/gravel bike?

I’ve recently decided that I’d like to try some gravel grinders and maybe a CX race or two. Given that this is something I’m not sure I’ll enjoy cheap is key. Looking around online there are quite a few low budget options out there.

Obviously there’s bikesdirect with choices from Motobecane, Fuji & Gravity. I’ve also run across options from:
Pure bicycles
Poseidon bikes
State Bicycles

The Diamondback Haanjo looks like a pretty solid choice as does the Salsa Journeyman.

Definitely not ruling out used bikes either as I’m more than capable of repairing pretty much anything on a bike.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these cheaper brands?

Look at Planet X from the UK. Good frames with good groups…easy on the wallet.

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Jeremy Powers does ok on the ‘cheap/off brand’ Fuji. And I almost got the mid-level fuji, but found a Focus Mares cx 1 on ebay for 1600. brand new.
That’s where I would look. ebay, pink bike, craig’s etc. People will be dumping their race bikes pretty soon.

I demoed a Salsa Journeyman, and had a good time on it. It’s really a good deal, and worth upgrading if you’re so inclined. I can’t speak for any of the other bikes on the list.

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I have a friend with a Haanjo, its his primary off road bike, he races Cross, and hammers single track on it. Seems like a good bike.


If you have a performance bike shop around you can pick up a Fuji for darn near nothing. I am running a used open mold carbon CX bike. Bought it on eBay for pennies with a 1x di2 setup and carbon wheels. The wheels were crap so I lost on that bit, but found a screaming deal on some roval clx 40 disc wheels.

Just takes a bit of time to find a good deal. Gives me something to do durring the endless hours of rocking kids to sleep.

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