Anyone’s L/R imbalance differ from outdoor to indoor?

My power balance on outdoor rides averages between 48/52 to 49/51% but indoors it’s 45/55%. My only assumption is it has something to do with the bike being in a fixed position while on the trainer. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it indeed an issue? And if so how could/did you resolve it?

Yea. 50/50 outdoors, 46/54 indoors consistently. I couldn’t figure out why it was happening and just stopped worrying.

I’ve never measured but it wouldn’t surprise me, I use my muscles slightly differently indoors when I am not having to worry about balancing etc. Nearly pulled my right calf last night indoors which has be fine for the last 5 months predominantly outdoors which suggests I use it more inside.

That’s interesting. Now that you mention it I’ve noticed my right hami has been twinging a little on outdoor rides. I’ve never had an issue with it until I started using the trainer five months ago.

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