Anyone running SRAM Eagle AXS?

Just did my first long ride on Eagle XX1 AXS and I have to say, I was super impressed. Worked flawlessly.

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I have SRAM AXS on Trek Fuel EX and have had bike about 3 weeks. The AXS works great. Fast silent shifting, also have AXS dropper which I love. The full AXS system really cleans up front end. You can monitor battery life with AXS App, mine showed the rear derailleur battery about 50% after 20 hours of riding, seat post and shifter still show full charge. Because the shifter is more of a button vs shift levers its a little different but just takes a couple of rides to fully adjust. Don’t know if AXS makes you any faster but it sure is nice if its in your budget.

How’s durability and longevity been for everyone? My X01 upgrade kit is coming soon!

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My friend broke his rainbow cassette and chain, but the axs derailer surprisingly survived so that’s pretty good

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Looks like a lot of shifting under very heavy load. How did that actually happen

Came up to a steep uphill in too high of a gear, gave it the gas and it went pop

Here is my experience with it…

So wait… you crashed your bike and damaged your rear mech and that’s somehow SRAM’s fault?

Not at all. I was merely commenting on how expensive they were and the high cost of braking them. Everyone crashes their bike and that $1000 rear derailleur is exposed.

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In the US, the RD is $700, not $1k. Still stupid expensive, but you know what you’re getting into and people pay it for the latest/greatest. I’ve got one on my XC bike, but I won’t go wireless yet on my trail bike where it’s much more likely to trash a RD. They will get cheaper at some point as the trickle it down.

I do think a “crash replacement” policy like most companies do for carbon frames would be a good move for SRAM. In reality, they still have margin at the crash replacement price. It would probably get some people off the fence and sell more RD’s.

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Things are so much cheaper in the US! Yep XC for AXS makes sense but agreed wouldn’t put it on anything rowdier.