Anyone Purchase Di2 Through Ali Express?

I’m thinking of upgrading from 105 R7000 to Ultegra Di2. After some research I came upon the following from Ali Express:

Has anyone had dealings with this company? Results good or bad? I looked into going to Di2 through my local Canadian bikeshop, but it would be way too expensive for me to justify.

Never used them, but googling doesn’t make it sound promising

I’d probably avoid it - sounds like non-chinese manufactured high end items are of particularly high risk

The only things i would get on AliExpress would be things I don’t care much about like bottle cages

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My one and only experience shopping on AliExpress was pretty negative. The dispute process wasn’t particularly quick and favored the merchant. I ended up getting a refund for the undelivered balance from the cc. YMMV, but I’d be especially wary on an expensive item like that.

Just about everything I’ve got from aliexpress has been hot garbage. Knockoff troy lee gloves have been pretty good but I won’t bother with anything else.

Merlin has that for about the same price and they are legit


Thanks for all the advice. After doing more research, I decided to go with Competitive Cyclist. I’ll be getting my components a bit at a time, so that when spring finally reaches Manitoba (fingers crossed), I’ll have all my parts ready to go.


I just bought a full R7000 groupset from Aliexpress and it is 100% legit Shimano. Is working great!

The age old proverb of if it is too good to be true then it probably is.
Try and support your local bike shop where ever you can, you will be preserving that knowledge and building a relationship that will pay off in the long run.

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I’ll be getting some of the lower priced components at my local shop, plus the installation. I don’t feel overly guilty, as I’ve put a lot of money into the shop over the years (more than I’ve told my wife :slight_smile: )