Anyone else fighting cancer or coming back from cancer?

Hey all, did my first race of the year here in AZ. It went ok. I’m a year fitter and a year more recovered from cancer.

Blogged about the race here:


Second race of the year this past Sunday. Went well for the team. Not as well for me. Just never really recovered from racing the previous week. Blogged about it here:

How are you all doing?


Just discovered your blog and really enjoyed reading it all. Fantastic achievements.

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Two time cancer survivor here. First was head and neck cancer with surgery followed by chemo and radiation. That sucked pretty bad. It took some time to come back from that major surgery and then the radiation and chemo. Ego took a huge hit to set my FTP back but I was where I was but I did get the newbie gainz after so that was very encouraging. I’m getting to marginal gains now.

Then diagnosed with a melanoma less than a year later. That one was surgery and immunotherapy for a year after. The immunotherapy was’t bad for my case. Just an infusion every month for a year. No really bad side effects.

I’m faster than ever now.



You’re a warrior man! Way to stay on it!

I have been blessed with good health so far. But my wife has had skin cancer, and we’ve lost five family members to it. So last April I started riding to start looking after myself better, and committed to ride 52 miles this February for the Dolphins Cancer Challenge X.

I highly recommend this experience of training, fundraising, and riding as a source of support for the cancer community. I’ve seen how cancer fighters and survivors simply glow by seeing three THOUSAND people riding and running to create a better future for them (and for all of us). I’m going to make this an annual project from now on.

The DCC sends every penny of participant-raised funds directly to cancer research: the Miami Dolphins cover all the overhead and costs of the campaign. Here’s my fundraising page if you’d like to donate or to share it with others:

I’m still blogging. Just updated my blog:

Hello Hugh,
Happy to see you, one of my uncle had lymphoma, after some time he completely recovers, you will be recovered soon.

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Thanks for chiming in! I’m mostly recovered. They tell me I’ll never really be in remission but that it can be managed well for the rest of my life. My oncologist says “people die WITH this cancer, not FROM this cancer.”

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