Anyone doing High Cascade 100 in 2020?

Yeah that’s really too bad, sounds like everything was setting up for a perfect weekend. Feel bad for Mike Ripley.

Yeah Mike sets up top notch races with world class direction markings.
I hope that over time he hosts races in Oct. - away from the heat and risk of forest fires.

i’m sharing above because regardless of whether the race is allowed or not by Forest service, some people have hotels reserved and vacations lined up.


here’s what it looks like:



Thanks for the update and pics! We were planning on coming down from Seattle and riding/racing but the wildfire smoke has limited training here last few weeks. Just not in the cards now…

Looks mint! Couple buddies still coming down so they’ll be stoked.

They’ll have a good time. Tell them to reach out if they want info on where to ride.

Conditions are soooooo nice. I rode 2hours yesterday and the earlier rain made the dust disappear but there’s zero mud. I think there was a couple hours of frost >6000’ so there’s more pine needles on top of the loam. I would have loved to race in naturally air conditioned conditions :smile: Given global warming, we need more races in Sept & Oct.

Pictures are from riding Flagline yesterday. Above picts are just about the dangerous /blind oups spot that bdchunk was asking about. I recorded a 20sec clip just before that drop. mtb Flagline big drop - YouTube

More picts here Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022) - #1235 by asteryx