Anyone doing High Cascade 100 in 2020?

I’ve just signed up for HC100. :flushed: It will be my first XC marathon and a B race for me towards my A race (IMAZ in Nov).
After 10h and on the last uphill, I’ll remember to blame this forum thread :sweat_smile:
About the course, my comments above was after looking at 2019 course but should also apply to 2020. The videos on the website are quite representative of mtb trails in Bend. The course changes each year. It says he wants to go towards Happy Valley and that’s west of Tumalo Falls. That could mean we go on North fork trail ( gorgeous scenery and uphill alongside that river and its 10 waterfalls) & Met-WIn/Happy Valley

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I’m currently having a pint of Cumby brewing’s Oatmeal Stout as I check out the forum!


Niiiiice! I’m currently wishing the rain would stop!

I live in Bend and help mark the course (raced it last year and will again this year). This year it will not go through the tekky lava section, but will go up “Happy Valley” which is a longer climb up into the alpine. Bend riding is not technical in general, but if it is really hot and dry the trails can get pretty loose and sandy- if you’re comfortable with a little drifting you’ll be fine :wink: Some people get mentally tired on the course because it takes a lot of concentration to ride that much singletrack, especially since it tends to be twisty/turny in the trees.

Either of those tires will be fine, just make sure to get the sidewall protection- everyone’s comments about the lava rock are spot on- it rips tires. Last year I ran rekon in front and ikon in back. It’s a good course for a roadie because it tends to have less climbing than a lot of other hundies. The biggest factor will be weather- that time of year can be really beautiful or really really hot.

If there’s anything specific you have questions about feel free to reach out!


Hi everyone.

I stumbled upon this forum while researching the HC 100 and it looks to be a great forum and super helpful. I am just looking for your opinion for someone looking to ride the HC 100 as a non-mountain biker (though in the process of looking to buy a Mt bike and getting into it this Spring) but a fairly avid rider for years. Currently riding on a smart trainer 3-4 days a week using Rouvy and averaging around 1 hour long rides. I have ridden 5 century’s, i’m 49 and in average shape. If I bought a mountain bike in March do you think taking on the HC 100 is simply a reach?

I have ridden mountain bikes in Bend (Phils) and Hood River a few times and it obviously beats the body more than the road.

I figure if I am in riding shape and focus on off road riding from March til race day, I can handle it. Just curious on your thoughts.

Thanks so much

so do you think we’ll go up North Fork and then on Metolius-Wendigo back toward Dutchman TH?

I didn’t do High Cascade, but i did ride solo at 25 hours at Frog Hollow on a whim last November. My previous biggest ride was 44 on a Mountain bike and 50 on a road bike. My goal was 10 laps at 12.8miles and I hit 14.
You’ll be amazed, the miles just fly by. Focus on nutrition and have a plan.
I set alerts on my watch. Drink, eat, ever 20 or 40 minutes or so. A little buzz reminded me to grab something. It got to where i was sick of honey stinger waffles and Gu. I never bonked. Never even came close.
Big issues will be sore hands, sore gooch and sore lower back. Just grit your teeth and go.

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North Fork no, usually he takes you from Skyliners up steep gravel road (4601) to top of Mrazek to Met-Win and in to Dutchman.

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makes sense as too many tourists/hikers on north fork typically for a race to go through. Mrazek is my favorite trail.

What would you suggest as shorter local races to prep for HC100?
So far I found “Cascades chainbreaker” and maybe the Sisters Stampede

I highly recommend the Six Hours at Mt Hood race to prep. It takes place at Skibowl in Government Camp, OR and runs a 6-7 mile loop. Most folks do it as a two-person team (trading laps), but there are also solo categories. I’ve done that 3 times and you can get a lot of single track miles and climbing in. My best year I did 49 miles and 7K of climbing in the 6.5 hr window. Not exactly short, but good prep for fueling on the bike and sustained time in the saddle/climbing.

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thanks for the suggestion. It’s only 2h away from Bend so easily reachable.
It’s at a ski resort with quite a bit of elevation change per loop. Do you need an enduro mtb?

I have a Trek Fuel EX 8 which is a quiver of one mtb (trail & XC mix with 130mm fork).

Definitely not, nothing is super steep. I’ve always used a full suspension xc style bike, though some probably do it on hard tails. I like full suspension just to keep overall fatigue in check. Your bike should work great. The solo riders do a slightly longer lap with more elevation. You get to go down the Gnar Gnar trail which is super fun, but machine built without any drops and one jump that most just ride around so it’s not technical.

Seems to have more vertical than here in Bend. Is it comparable or steeper?
i do the small fun jumps on Lower Whoops or Tiddlywinks here in Bend’s Phil’s trail but I haven’t done Bachelor’s MTB descent stuff.

Do you need to buy a mountain pass ticket to go recon it?
Looping format is a good way to learn - if I realize I’m really missing something I’m only 3miles away from my car, a mechanic or aid station. Thx

The race is on for 2020. Seems like the course has been altered a bit to make it more socially distance in COVID times. The course will include Kwohl Butte, which according the promoter, has 2 miles of hike-a-bike on lava, followed by a steep lava downhill.
I will be running a full trail bike with 2.5" tires in front and 2.3" in back, so I don’t think I will be the fastest person. But I should be comfortable!
Does anyone have any additional tips for this years course?

Other than most of the info from previous posts, stay hydrated, have fun and enjoy the views! We decided not to attend this year obviously due to Covid19 but hopefully be back next year! We were ready with new XC bikes too so that just gives us more time to get more training and be ready next time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a ton for the hints! We’re up in Canada, so unable to make the 2020 event, but looking forward to the views and the riding in 2021!


Hi, I’m wondering if anyone did the 2021 HC100 and how it went? I’m registered for 2022 and sounds like they plan on keeping a similar course. Any course info or pearls of wisdom you feel would help a marathon newbie is appreciated!

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Yeah I did it in 2021 and it was my first 100. It’s an amazing event and you are going to have a blast. It’s a pretty approachable course, and nothing too technical. There is a little pavement then some double track towards the beginning which is nice because it helped sort the race out before it hit single track, which there is about 60 or 70 miles of.

Starting field was around 250 people, and everyone was super nice. People were really cool about asking to pass and pulling off to let faster riders by. The aid stations were super helpful. I rode straight through Aid 1 (24 miles) and the water stop at 33 miles. Stopped at Aid 2 (48 miles) and Aid 3 (64 miles). The aid station crew were really helpful and literally ran to get my drop bags. I’m not sure what the crewing situation will be in 2022, but if there is no crew allowed on course you will be fine. The volunteers will take care of you.

You definitely need to put in the work upfront. I was around 3 watts/kg at the event and did an 11:15. I did not stay on top of my nutrition after mi 48 and paid the price. There is a fairly consistent climb up about 3,000 ft of vertical over about 10 miles. I stopped eating there and suffered from really low energy in miles 65+. The profile looks like all the climbing is done at mile 60 but there are enough punchy climbs in the end to make you work. Most of the descending is on sandy single track that can be loose in places. My energy bonk really brought out the worst of my skills in sand. I felt like I could be in the mid to low 10 hour mark with better eating a little better descending. It was warm too. I think bend hit over 90 that day but a lot of the race is in higher elevations in the mountains so it stayed a little cooler.

I would recommend running a hydration pack. The single track makes it hard to take a bottle in a lot of areas. I never got behind on water and I think that was helpful. I saw a ton of bottles ejected from bikes too, but never lost either of mine. I ran a Epic Evo full suspension and it was comfy. I could see doing it on a hardtail though if you are used to that. I would also probably run clear lenses instead of shades. I had shades and patchy tree cover make it hard to read shadows a lot. I ended up taking my glasses on and off a lot. Ran ESI chunky grips and recommend them, I think they saved my hands over the long distance.

FWIW, I did Leadville this year and pound-for-pound the HC100 is the better mountain bike race. Leadville is bigger, more history, and a harder ride. But it’s all double track and roads. The HC100 is really a mountain bike race in my opinion.


Like Noah said, nothing to technical, lot of flowy singletrack. Also it was very dusty depending where you found yourself in the pack, so plan for that if it hasn’t rained much before next years race. I rode my Scalpel SI full suspension and was happy with the choice. I had the course at about 9500 feet of climbing on my Garmin 520, one of my friends had a little over 10K on his Wahoo, either way it’s a lot of climbing and definitely not over at the 68 mile mark. Fun race and I’ll be back next year.

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Awesome guys, really appreciate the info and exactly what I was hoping for. A couple of other questions if you don’t mind: 1) any tire choice suggestions? I live in the pacific northwest so riding in sandy and loose conditions will be quite foreign to me :slight_smile: 2). Dave - if you are willing to share, I’m curious what your w/kg is and what your time was . I am trying to figure out what a realistic time goal should be. Thanks again, I am quite excited about this race and have only heard amazing things about it and the riding in Bend.

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