Anybody seen THIS with Finish Line sealant?

Decided to check on my front tire’s sealant before this weekend, because the wheel acted like a pendulum in the workstand:

This is Finish Line sealant, set up in September.

Funny, I thought Finish line was supposed to be one of the " never dry out ones"…

Have you ever used a CO2 cartridge alongside this sealant?

I gave it a shot based on that. If I remember correctly, they have removed that claim from their marketing materials.

Nope, only aired up with my garage’s compressor.

This is in a cyclocross tire. The only things I can think of are:
Maybe water ingress through the spoke holes in the rim, and then mildew (hence the greenish color)?
Or, maybe It reacts negatively with gorilla tape’s adhesive (what I use for rim tape)?

I’ve changed to orange seal since finishing off the bottle of Finish Line I’d bought, no complaints yet.

Personally only have ever used Stan’s (not the Stan’s Race). I recently changed tires on my FUEL EX that I’ve had on there for about a year and the bike has sat in an outdoor closed exposed to all kinds of temps (not rain though), and hasn’t really been ridden much. The sealant was as fresh as it was when we put it in a year before and there were absolutely zero clumps anywhere.

That being said, why do people bother using other sealants when Stan’s tends to work so well, and not just my experience but everyone as a whole seems to have good luck with it, are there benefits to other brands? I remember when my Fuel EX first came in and we were building it at the TREK store, they told me to not bother using the Bontrager sealant that it came with as it was also “junk” according to the master tech MTB racer.

I thought Finish Line sealant was junk and went back to Stans.

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I’ve been tubeless for 10 years or so, and always used stans. I’ve tried others, and always ended up back with stans.

Sorry, I know this is not an answer for the OP’s question, but just sharing my experience

My only complaint with stans is with the way it clumps up as it dries out. It’s a pain to clean out a tire with old stans in it.

So far I’m liking orange seal, but I keep stans in the back of my mind as a go-to.

I also tried the Finish Line sealant when it came out. I’ve probably used every sealant that’s out there but this one was the worst of all. Would not seal anything (tortured an old tire with nails and screwdrivers) and behaved similar to what is shown on the picture above. Finally, if you have to put in a tube this will be the messiest endeavour of all. You literally have to scoop out the glibber. This stuff is messy.

Orange seal for me.

I always keep coming back to this test:


I use Stan’s regular and Cafe Latex as well. Both meet my needs when kept fresh.

I can’t imagine how long it would take to dry out, just based on my experience. It was just as liquid in my tires after a year as when we put it in.

I really like Cafe Latex but can’t find it anymore.

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I’ve had it dry up in 29er mtb tires and cyclocross tires in 8-9 months, but I’m not great about checking on it and topping it off.

To be fair they do say to change it out every 6 months which seems like a conservative estimate.

On another note I’ve also heard good things about Boyd’s “Tickled Pink” sealant but Stan’s is available everywhere and works so I haven’t bothered with other stuff

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Absolutely; I should change it out more often, I just don’t. I never have tire issues with my mtb and cx bikes, so it’s easy to just forget that they do need maintenance.

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Sealant does seem to dry up quicker in road tyres compared to MTB and I can only assume that’s down to the higher pressures.

I can just chime in on Stan’s. Have been super happy about it but decided to try Muc-Off this year. Sad days. Had to top it off every other month and it clogged my valves and lastly brought me my first puncture ever except for one that ripped up the sidewall on a tire but that doesn’t count in my book. I’m not the only one experiencing these issues with Muc-Off’s shitty product so STAY AWAY.

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I found that humorous because we look for marginal gains by trying different sealants, at the same time use gorilla tape. Tubeless setups are a complete system people!!

But Finish Line has been great for me and what I’m currently using. I’ve used stans and would recommend it, but found it didn’t clog the holes as well as finish line.