Anybody have the Kickr Axis Action Feet

Anybody have the Kickr Axis Action Feet? If so, how well do you think they work?

If these work, I’m wondering if these would be a good short term fix for adding some movement to my Stages SB20 smart bike - assuming they would be compatible.

A thick gym mat would have the same result as the Axis action feet… because that’s all they really are. I just can’t get them to move in any configuration as they claim. If you’ve ridden a Tacx NEO and know the little wiggle it has. It’s not this.

As for getting something as CHUNKY as the SB20 to move in any natural way… that’s going to be a challenge. It’s a tank.

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Thanks for the info on the feet. Sounds like very not worth the cost.

On the SB20 - I totally agree it is a tank. I’m trying to soften that just a bit to make trainer rides more comfortably. My setup has the SB20 on hard rubber tiles on a wood floor on concrete, which has zero give. So the combination with the SB20 needs something to take the edge off.

how about a rocker plate? Very simply to make.

Even if you found a rocker plate sturdy enough to take the weight I doubt it would rock in any useful way - more likely to just tip to one side and stay there.

What makes you say that?

Because the Stages SB20 smart bike is massive.

150lbs so as much as a small rider.

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Not true. We already have several users running rocker plates with the Wattbike Atom, Wahoo Kickr Bike, Tacx Neo Bike and Stages SB20. It works just fine. When you look at the actual weight of those bikes compared to the individual bike and trainer, there isn’t as much total mass difference as many would think. Some if it is also relatively low, so it doesn’t affect the performance as much as the raw number might imply.

We even have a couple of the rocker plate sellers marketing smart bike specific models. The rockers are quite similar other than footprint. There are not as many changes needed as people might think.



FB RP Group link to Neo Bike in motion:


Wow… I stand corrected.

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Which rocker plate is the bottom right that the SB20 is on?

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