Anybody have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 that DOES NOT have any issues?

Thanks for the background and I don’t see anything breaking on the MP1 or will take a long time. If it does I can see them sending me just that part. It is not adjustable as you know which to me is completely fine and it just works.

Plus as I said earlier I got it 20% off which is still $$ but I am getting my $$ worth and don’t have to mess with building one even though I have all the tools to do so.

More than likely will get a 2T to pair with it.

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Yeah, it’s an impressive build and one I do want to try. I disagree with some of their decisions, and the pricing is a pain. Great that you got a discount and that makes it more palatable.

Awesome to hear that you are so happy with it. I welcome it and all the new trainer motion solutions we have and will see in the future. :smiley:

Absolutely and price while high is relative to how much use I am getting out of it. Turn key solution is also nice.

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I think they are just really strict with the star system. I would rely on the percent if anything. They don’t have ratings for other trainers unfortunately, I guess they haven’t sold them enough yet.

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What percentage of units shipped do you believe are having problems?
How about 3-4%?
Belt tension set too high, is one of the whirring problems.
The knocking noise is a too small woodruff key on the shaft.
Both problems can be done at home.
I heard Wahoo will send you a thicker woodruff key thru support.

Anyone have problems with their kickr not turning on at all? Didn’t use mine for awhile and pulled it out and it won’t turn on at all. Did some searches and couldn’t find anyone else really having this problem.
Submitted a ticket with wahoo but their site said they’re closed until Tuesday.

Any help appreciated!

I thought I would ask here for best answer.
How do you ship a trainer? I have a box from a friend but the packaging is missing. Do you guys just use styrofoam?

I just received my kickr core produced in 2020, but is making an annoying noise especially at higher speeds and during spindown.
What do you guys think? I made a YouTube video… (please ignore the chain sound ;))

Had same issue, Wahoo replaced my unit so yea, return it.

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Belt connection noise.

I just sent my 2nd Kickr Core back for another replacement. The optical sensor stopped working on the first one. This second one developed the dreadful knocking noise. I will give credit to Wahoo for being so responsive when I’ve developed these problems, but having to deal with the periodic training delays while waiting for another trainer to arrive is getting old.


I was so happy that I could look at this thread and say “HA! Not my KICKR 2018”…

Welp, the good/bad news is that after Wahoo reviewed my video of the vibration/rumbling noise they are going to send me a replacement (bought December 2018 - no issues until about a month or so ago). Happy that they are taking care of the issue even after the 1 year warranty has expired.

To whom it may concern, how I fixed my Kickr:

I just had a unit die on me, it’s a 2018 refurb unit serial starts 401829 so I guess this was before they fixed the issue. Still doing the customer service dance with them but hopefully they’ll send me one of the upgrade units…

My 2018 Core stopped sending sensor data last week. Spoke to Wahoo and they have sent me an out of warranty replacement with 120-day warranty for £250 inclusive of shipping

I set up the replacement and have a model that is producing a knocking noise. I have emailed them and will request a pickup of the device and refund and buy a new one from a different brand.

I’m not particularly pleased with wahoo at the moment. I will put my trainer next to the 3 dead tickr HR monitors.

Update for anyone that experiences issues with a 2018 Kickr in 2023, after the replacement had an issue, Wahoo are sending me a brand new Kickr Core and its arriving tommorow. Which is more then I hoped for.


Mine just died after four years. Sigh. Waiting on a response…

I would prefer they just shipped me a new board, since the replacement process would be trivially easy.

I wonder what percentage of smart trainers has to be repaired within a few years? Because both of mine have had to be replaced, and you hear of people going through three or four replacements of the same model.

I got my new one. The only difference I can tell is that it has a higher serial number and a serial number sticker on the power brick. It still says Version 1.0, so I wonder if there haven’t actually been any updates to the design. I never had any mechanical problems with it, other than belt wear.

Hopefully this one lasts at least as long… I don’t remember actually zapping it with ESD.

It’s nice and quiet, except for the sound of the belt joint, which will go away eventually, or so I have heard. My gears and frame creaks are louder.

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No problems with mine. 4 years of regular use 2-3 times a week. I don’t push massive watts though - no hard-start sprints (I save that for the gym bike :wink:) Never really go over about 400w.

This thread is obviously many years old, but my 2.5 year old kicker finally met its demise this Monday. I submitted a warranty claim, knowing it’s about a year and a half out of warranty. Worst they can say is no, which I kinda expected. Quite the opposite. Had a RMA and pre paid shipping label less than 24 hours later and new one is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Friday). They may be in a sticky financial spot but dammit do they know how to take care of their customers! I had a saris h3 in the cart, ready to click “buy” when I got their response telling me to pound sand, and to my surprise, they’re replacing it!