Anybody have a custom Sklar mountain bike?

I am contemplating a purchase from Adam Sklar, love the look of his bikes. Have any of you purchased his product? If so please let me know what you think about the durability, handling characteristics, etc. I would love to have him build me a custom steel frame MTB with horizontal dropouts for SS.

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What’s your status regarding the Sklar frame? I’m currently walking down the same path since Sklar offers the new SweetSpot frame. Of course, I realize it’s only 4130 steel and I’d get a titanium frame for the same price from another brand. however, the frame is a piece of art.

They raised the prices so I ended up going on the cheap with a Karate Monkey frame a week ago. Haven’t built it up yet but I like the price point better than Sklar. It’s not as pretty as a Sklar though!

Surly KM is not a bad decission at all. Comparing the Sklar Sweetspot against the Stanton Switch9er… still in the mood to go for Sklar, but yet ä no feedback from owners…

Ordered a Sklar Sweetspot a few weeks ago…


Nice! Report back after you’ve been out on it.


Hi - frame finally arrived and now already on the trails… it‘s great and does exactly what I need

That’s a beauty! Enjoy!

That is gorgeous. I love that color.