Any thoughts on fixing this shoe damage?

Not sure when this happened. I use these indoors only currently and the boa still tightens fine. I ordered replacement dials, but obviously this isn’t the dial, it’s the piece sewn into the shoe. They are probably out of warranty, but I actually submitted a claim with shimano and never heard from them, so I’m just looking to see if anyone has any suggestions.

You can see what it should look like here

Are you asking about the chewed up edge of the dial, the missing black plastic bit that ought to cover the winder, or the fact that the cable goes the wrong way?
If the first, you need a new dial…
If the second, i think it’s new shoes.
If the third, it looks like you have turned the dial much too far when loosening them. The cable has reached its end point and started coiling up the wrong way. Does it tighten the “wrong” way? If so, I think you could fix this by loosening all the way out again, until it stops getting looser, then keep on turning the same direction and it should then be coiled the right way again.

Might want to try these guys for a replacement

It’s the missing plastic bit that causes it to look like it winds the wrong way. It’s not chewed, just bad lighting. The plastic broke off on the part of the mechanism that is sewn into the shoe. I’m not going to replace the shoes because of it because overall it still works, but was just looking for ideas other than, buy a new shoe.

They specifically say if it’s a part sewn into the shoe you need to contact the shoe manufacturer. I’ve received many replacement dials for shoes over the years, but the broken part isn’t part of that.

Russell is correct. I had to replace the dial portion of all of my 901 S-Phyre BOAs through the BOA warranty (completely free). However, when the front two bases became so unstitched that I feared they’d break loose in a sprint, I had to get new shoes. BOA doesn’t warranty it and the shoes were out of the Shimano warranty period.

My last two pairs of shoes have been wrecked by fun/aggressive track bike riding on the road. And not cheap shoes, either. Non-track specific shoes just can’t handle the standing sprint starts over time.

It’s nice to see the newer BOA li2 is stitched all the way around on all the BOA placements. My previous iP1 front BOAs were not stitched on the tongue side. This was definitely the weak point that torn mine off.

Oh, Russell is OP. There you go, then. The Shimano warranty isn’t very long, I think it’s 1 year, I don’t recall.

It’s a shame because the shoes look to be fine otherwise, just like mine were.

yeah, like i said, indoor only. I want to say they may have come this way and I just didn’t notice it. From random youtube suggestions, I’ve seen a fair amount of shoe repair content and it’s amazing what a cobbler can do to repair regular shoes. I was kind of hoping someone new of a way to source the part that is sewn into the shoe and then perhaps a cobbler could reinstall it.

I had something similar happen twice with bontragers.

I was able to get the base from Boa when I contacted them by phone. The base does not have any holes in it, so I used the tiniest drill bit I had and made holes around the edge. I removed the original base and then used braided fishing line(25lb test) and a strong needle and sewed on the replacement base by hand. This held up for the rest of the usable life of the shoe.

I recently had a boa lace break on one of my indoor shoes. While I waited on the replacement parts, I took an old strap and buckle from a set of toe clip pedals and wrapped it around the shoe at the point where the boa dial is. It was like a shoe “belt”. Worked just fine and actually wasn’t even noticeable after a while. A pretty ad-hoc fix, but it kept the shoe going. You could do the same with a properly-sized Velcro strap.

A local cobbler is a great resource…

Assuming the dial is, in fact, separating from the shoe, a cobbler may be able to find a way to reattach it. If not, you can take them any strap / buckle aftermarket system and have them pop rivet them on very easily. Maybe not as good as the BOA system, but certainly functional enough for indoor training.

I suppose mine didn’t unstitch as I said, the plastic base tore away from the stitched part on both shoes.

I could have found this base and had a cobbler install it, although, frankly I was tired of those tops (the mis-matched black parts) breaking.

Hundreds of 1700W+ track stand starts. Wrong shoes for the job without a strap.

The same thing happened to me today (fizik shoes)