Any reason to clear old sealant from road tubeless?

I am moving tubeless road tires on to different wheels. Is there a reason why I should or shouldn’t clean all the old dried up sealant from the inside of the tire while it is off the wheel?

Some people say leave it as its already formed a nice coating…weight weenies may say the opposite.

I always remove the big dried lumps that are clear to see. The thin coating on the casing just allows you to use less sealant in the new rim and already have it sealed.

This is all with Orange Seal btw.


Bouncing off this one… I’ve had to pull off this tire and am re-mounting it to another rim. While don’t care about the sealant inside the main surface of the tire, these crusties on the bead of the tire do worry me. Do I need to pull all of it off? I’m only asking b/c it’s like this around the entire tire… both sides. It’s almost not worth it in time picking at it…


With Orange Seal it takes me about 5 minutes a tire to clean off the bead, although I don’t have that much latex left on my tire bead. Can’t recall what the official stance of the wheel/tire vendors is, however in my own mind a tubeless tire partly relies on the bead to wheel interface to keep it in place (particularly at lower pressures). So by that reasoning I don’t want anything interfering with that interface. Could be wrong about that…


Yeah I bought orange seal to replace this. I have no idea what this stuff is as it was put on by the lbs when I bought it new… Kinda frustrating tbh

maybe try letting it dry a bit? I clean the tire bead about 10-15 minutes after removing the tire.

Yes, definitely invest the time to clean the beads as best you can. You want a clean smooth surface to form a new seal against the rim. If the residue is dry I use a rag with friction and it usually comes off pretty quick. Or sometimes you can pick up a little bit and peel off long stretches.

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20 reasons to remove old sealant. I bought a new wheelset and had plenty of extra time to remove the old dried Orange Seal Endurance sealant. This was off one 29er MTB tire size 2.25.


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