Any GoldenCheetah power users?

Poked around the wiki and source code, is there somewhere to ask questions? Its very basic - why do I have to manually give a workout name? Here is what happens after import:

while the Garmin fit file has a wkt_name


Installed 3.5 and then upgraded to latest stable dev 3.6-rc3.

Seems like GoldenCheetah/src/FileIO/FitRideFile.cpp might be a good place to teach GC how to extract wkt_name and populate into GC database. But my coding skills are weak.

Latest GC looks a LOT better than earlier versions. Some interesting features.

But I can’t get past this stupid workout name issue after pulling in the last 3 years of Garmin FIT files. This is such a minor yet severely annoying issue. If I import WKO files (if possible), will that help? I did try importing TP export first. has a good archive and seems active.

I don’t know if this solves your problem but when you import from strava all the workouts have names.

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@WindWarrior You have too much “me” time on your hands. :rofl:

I think this might be the thread you need in the GC group…


Sitting in meetings is a good time to multitask…

Thanks, saw several threads that incorrectly state there is no text field in FIT files that is appropriate:

“The FIT file importer never set Workout Title field, in fact, there is no text field in FIT files which could be used for that purpose, AFAIK.”

The FIT SDK has a Workout message, and that message has a wkt_name. I’ll post to the list at some point and ask.

Strike that, I spent 30 minutes last night and reviewed the FitRideFile.cpp code and FitSDK docs. Instead of starting a random “could you add this please” and pray, I’m going to add a call to decodeWorkoutTitle(def, time_offset, values) at line 2992 in FitRideFile.cpp and then use the other decodeXXX methods as an outline to make my own. After looking at 3 or 4 examples its pretty easy to see how to make my own method. So then I’ll have a method that can read the wkt_title, and can post to the list asking for help on how to write that to GoldenCheetah’s workout json or whatever they use.

Problem solved for my own needs, and I can submit a patch and maybe they will add it to GoldenCheetah official release.