Any blind or partially sighted users out there?

Hi there, welcome to the thread! Both Bryan, and I who have been most active on this topic use the Wattbike and it advertises itself as not requiring calibration so this is not a part of the functionality that I have ever ventured into.
I’m quite sure that Bryan will be reading this though and if he has I’m sure he will respond. in the absence of any more informative reply I would recommend that you try contacting support at as the team there are really good.
Good luck!

Martin, Thank you so much for the prompt response. Yes, I noticed the use of the Wattbike, which is why I chimed in about these wheel-off trainers. I know the Kickr V5 and V6 auto calibrate as do Wahoo’s smart bikes, but not the less expensive Core.

Switching the conversation from Kickr to Tacx, In his 11/8/2019 review dcrainmaker writers, “Now the Tacx NEO 2T (like the rest of the Tacx NEO series), doesn’t support any type of calibration. Nor does it need it, in fact, you can’t even do a calibration if you wanted to. Though, some apps don’t exactly realize this yet, so you might see it listed on some apps.” All indications are that TrainerRoad has supported this, so never any need to navigate any calibration interface when using a Tacx Neo? Of course still hope to hear if spindown calibrations are accessible via VoiceOver.

If you get a kickr v5 or v6 you don’t need to calibrate…

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