Another one bites the dust or the Death of Eurosport

Don’t know how many of you are Euro-sided but some of us will be needing yet another streaming subscription :weary:
The parent company is trying to roll up all their services under one name…blah blah corporate blah blah
July 22 is set to be the closure day. The link has more details.

But it won’t be another will it ? it will just be one replaced ? obviously I am missing something ?

I don’t believe so. Delete Eurosport subscription, insert Discovery+

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In the UK you’ll need Discovery+ or TNT.
I’m in a MAX country, where I’ll have to pay extra for the sports package. :expressionless:

Don’t our subscriptions just roll over though?

Here the Eurosport (player) was shut down a long time ago, on early 2023. Have been using the Discovery+ since and it has been much better.

The next move will happen this year, when the Discovery+ will be merged to Max (previously HBO).

I used the website for it, discovery+ is not available where I live… I hope there will be a solution or else I will not be able to watch much cycling anymore…

Not according to the link provided by the OP

Yeah and I just checked Discovery+ is not available here and there seems to be no other option to get the Eurosport content… Oh well that means watching the big tours and some classics on my national broadcaster but I can say goodbye to everything else especially the women races… Really shitty from Warner Bros. Discovery…
At least it is on until the tour is over…

VPN not an option?

Will need to check, normally you also need a credit card from that country to subscribe to these services.

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Feel for you, i get Eurosport and Discovery+ app as part of my Sky package, when it looked like Eurosport were leaving Sky (must be some 5 years ago now), I was off and looking for alternatives

Hope for your sake that @kervelo is right when he said

Would make a lot of sense

Provided it means the price in your region stays as it currently s

We don’t have max either it would be sky sports ( all HBO shows are on sky show here)… Which would mean 25 CHF a month more then 3 times the price… And honestly I’m not sure I want to give them anymore money…

Yeah I saw that, but I’m not sure what Eurosport Premium is? I just have a streaming subscription, is that the same thing?

I’m using Discovery+ in place of GCN, its pretty terrible. The app is bad, the highlights are poor, the extended highlights are poor. They often have the mens highlights stated as womens highlights. Just poor overall so far.

It’s actually exactly like I remember the eurosport player, from the pre-gcn days to be honest. I don’t think someone moving directly from eurosport to discovery will notice much difference.

I miss the highlights without ad breaks, but the live catch up is pretty similar (even enhanced where they have the key points highlighted). And I wish it would let me add on demand stuff to my watch list.

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