Annoying trainers

Yes it is more complicated. I did this just recently for a relative with a non-bike related purchase (I had covid-related time on my hands and was kind of interested in the process!) You might spoil your relationship with your LBS but it is worth considering.

Assuming UK of course, I would recommend ringing citizens advice, they were really helpful and talked me through every step of the process. In my case, the retailer was in denial right up until the court papers were issued at which point they decided not to defend and pay in full, including my costs.

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And therein lies the problem. :man_shrugging:

If this were Wiggle or similar, then I’d be starting the formal ball rolling this week.

Thanks for the tip on citizens advice.

Wahoo have upgraded me to a KICKR V5. :eyes:

First try last night, so far so good. I did feel like you had to “try harder” than when on the Core but I think other have mentioned that. Fingers crossed my experience will be positive. After 3 failed Cores I think I earned the upgrade.


Good luck! Hope it’s a keeper for you. :smiley:

Yeah, the Kickr has a heavier flywheel (16lbs vs 12lbs), so that is likely what you are feeling. Related to that, even if you use a power meter for data, doing a new FTP test is likely worthwhile. That change in flywheel inertia can show in some tests, so I’d suggest doing one reasonably soon.

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I have made the decision to ditch power for outside so have just sold my PM. So to take away the confusion this is now my only source of power, as you say doing an FTP test is certainly worthwhile too. I think the Core may have read a bit high but I’ll do some good riding over the next few weeks then test.

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After a rather tense exchange at the LBS I was issued a refund, as Elite and the distributor between them seem unable to locate/provide a new Suito. I was offered a Direto XR at retail difference; as they wouldn’t do it at cost difference (despite the delay), I took the (begrudgingly) offered refund.

Not impressed with Elite/Madison at all.

Sorted then :slight_smile:

I had a nice email from Garmin apologising and assuring me it was a glitch and they will be sorting it out and learning lessons… so hopefully they will.