Android, IOS don't have standard mode why?

On Windows and Mac OS they have Erg Mode, Resistance Mode, and Standard Mode. It would be nice to see the Standard Mode In Android, Apple IOS as well so you don’t need to change the resistance on the trainer if you feel like using without Erg Mode. The tainer does work just fine when I use the PM on my bike and don’t pair my trainer, when I want to use my trainer without Erg Mode I need to set the resistance. Why is this and can someone please explain why? Also can someone let me know what is the sweet spot setting for the Resistance Mode if I do choice so when not using Erg Mode??

iOS / Kickr / Standard mode working on Bluetooth

I have the Saris H3 Maybe each trainer is different from one another but I would love to see it for all trainers.

To the best of my knowledge, Standard mode in TR only works with Wahoo trainers, over BLE.

:point_up_2: Many trainers have the ability to use Standard mode, but it isn’t built into the standard bluetooth protocol (FTMS). Wahoo does have Standard mode built into their BLE protocol.