Am I too old to get to 4w/kg

Yeah I thought age would screw anyone hoping to hit 4.0 or higher then I met a 50 year old on the road who turns out to ride just over 4.5 and he’s not a life long racer or anything like that. He trains consistently from what I can tell from his Strava and definitely eats reasonably clean.

After I saw that I’m like I can do anything I want cycling wise if I focus on it. Just depends how much you want it and how many times can you get back on the wagon when you fall off.


I do a lot of Vo2 work. And when I do long periods of concentrating on that (4-5 weeks) I see the biggest gains. Then I try to lock it in with a period of sweet spot work, and then back at it.

I don’t know what your regimen is, but that is mine. Vo2 blows the lid off for me. And it sucks just as much for me as it does for most.

I have no history of any sort of accomplishment in endurance sports of any kind. I was a football/basketball player growing up and was pretty good at those. My fastest 5k ever is 21 mins which almost killed me - and I did some triathlons in my mid-30s, but was never able to break 2:30 in an Olympic distance – despite working hard for it.

I am average in every sense of the word from an endurance perspective. I feel if I can do it – anyone can.

The only caveat being that I am really “fit” between 170 - 180 lbs. If you are pretty fit at 220 lbs, I could see that being an issue because achieving a 400 FTP would be pretty special.

Keep at it. Embrace the suck.


I’m a small guy at 141lbs. I always wish I was a little bigger so I could put out more power but it’s just not in my genetics I guess…


Thanks. I’ve always been active but only have done structured training once before many years ago. Big gains came quick from zero to structured training and I am fairly disciplined about it. Last ramp was no gains but I may be plateauing on accumulated training stress and need to make some plan adjustments.

Huh, I’m interested in this too. Turning 40 this Friday :slight_smile:

FTP at 248 after a small bump after SSB1 (testing again tomorrow as I just finished SSB2). 85kg, 6’ tall. Could probably lose 2-4kg fairly easily. I’m pretty muscular, not a ton of dead weight to drop.

With any luck, I’ll be at or over 3 watt/kg after the test tomorrow.

Doing the math…I’d need to get to 320 ftp, and down to 80kg for 4 watt/kg.


No way. I’m closing on 42 and pretty sure I’ll get to 4 this season, my first solely focusing on cycling coming from a running and triathlon background. Now, we might have genetic limits which prevent us from getting there, but something like 5% of TR users over 40 are over 4W/kg self reported (TR W/kg age buckets). So while age affects it, you’re not too old!


Four is my aim…at 45. And I am heavier than the OP. Many miles to be ridden first though after a hiatus over December/January knocked me back 60W…

But goals are goals for a reason!

(oh to be 23 again…lol)


According to Friel in Fast over 50, high intensity work is a bigger contributor to maintaining fitness as we get older but we tend to do less of it for various reasons like “you’re too old to stress yourself” or it is just not comfortable any more and replace it for long-slow-distance. LSD helps some but HIT helps more. so yah, embrace the suck and go deep


55 next month and currently at 254 FTP at 76kg so just 3.34, but only two years ago I was hovering at the 4wpkg mark.

Now doing triathlon and got 5km time down to 20.48 at the weekend and putting in the structured training consistently so I am also interested in the question.

I certainly think I can go close if I stick at it.


Thanks, but a lot of that was just off the couch gains!

My all time high is 265, kind of float around 220 -230 in general.

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Good luck tomorrow I hope you get it.


Thanks. I need 7 watts haha :slight_smile:

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Yep, I switch focus from first half and second half, with sustained work in the spring to short power in the fall. I do see gains, I just don’t see it ever going high enough.

I was actually a very good runner, ran low 4’s in the mile. Was great short and middle distance guy too. Played football through college on the back of my speed mostly, and loving to hit (was a DB).

With cycling, it’s just muscle endurance. I don’t have it and never really will. At best I can be not terrible at it.

With running I have a good aerobic engine, and was just super efficient naturally.

Oh no question about this. I embrace the suffering!

That was a awsome read thanks for sharing that information. I’m always so surprised at how knowledgeable all the users on here are. Thanks again

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We should keep this thread going, gang – it is cool to know that there are as many folks trying to hit 4.0 w/kg at our age. Sometimes you feel like you’re just grinding it out alone to be below average. But in reality, we’re in pretty rare company if we get there.

Maybe even a tee shirt?

“4.0 after 40” or something kitschy like that :wink:


There’s no fundamental reason you can’t as long as you train consistently.
I’m 58 and sitting at 4.2 w/kg. Still in Base II so I hope to improve on that in the near future.
I started at 2.9 w/kg three years ago.


Also – I will say this . . . because I think it helps:

In your mid-40’s, if you had an extended period of being sedentary (I barely worked out at all for 4 years) – doing an 8-12 block week of strength training is key. This is true for a number of reasons –

– but I heard Chad say something like in a podcast once: you can only aerobically condition existing muscle so much, after that you need to generate new muscle which you can then aerobically condition.

I know I lost muscle, and putting it back on made me feel better overall – and has had a long term positive impact on my cycling metrics. But you will take a short term hit when lifting – although you might be able to maintain FTP if you do it just right…


Yeah, this is so key.

Will be 60 next month… I’m definitely blessed to have a smaller build, perfect for climbing, standing at 5’6"ish, 154lbs (69.85kg) and 295W, which puts me at 4.22 currently. First event in two months and just about to start Century plan. I plan to get down to 148lbs (67kg), which will put me at 4.39 for first Century of the year.


47, still as fit as early 40s - Age is definitely not the limiter even in your forties, rather it’s lack of training time that holds us back…