Am I going too easy/low volume on my recovery weeks?

Over the last couple of 4-week blocks I have been at about 750-1000 TSS/16-20 hours per active week, 200-300TSS/3.5hours on the rest weeks. I am on the low volume training plans, adding aerobic (60% FTP) rides in the mornings 4 days/week, a moderate mtb or road ride 2 evenings per week (so 2 rides most days, split 4-8 hours apart), along with one long road ride on the weekend. Mondays are rest days every week. On the rest weeks I am only doing the TR prescribed rides. Coming off of the last two rest weeks I have done well on the ramp test and seen improvements, but then I feel like I am dying for the remainder of the week and my trainer workouts and outdoor rides are terrible. By week 2 of the block I am fine. Hence my question about the rest weeks: Should I be doing more volume during the rest weeks? (I’m probably not going to turn down the active weeks.) Thanks!

From 16-20 to 3.5 is a big difference. I tink you could better do 8-10 ours easy. 50% in restweek is fine.

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As above, I find that 50% volume in a rest week works for me + one reduced volume intensity session focused on what I’ve been doing the previous block.

For example: Just finishing a VO2 block of around 700-800 TSS per week (15h). Next week will be all easy rides, with one 30/15 session (though only one set instead of the usual three).

Me too, but for some reason I normally end up at 60% lol. I am on a rest week this week. I’ll see if I can be ~50% for the week by Sunday.

Re: OPs rest week ~8 - 9 hours maybe?

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So what’s the rationale between keeping it up.

Why can’t I just spin z1 for say 4 days then retest (my block finishes tomorrow and then I have an easy week)

You could - depends on how your body reacts.

@paulhess interesting. Obviously no one here knows. My guess is during the “rest” week you are not doing the things off the bike you need to do to recover properly for the active week. Seems counter-intuitive but, I think many fill up rest weeks with so much other “stress” they aren’t resting/recovering the way they think they simply because they are off the bike.

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Yeah this or…why even ride at all for a few days? If it’s about letting the body absorb the stress and come back stronger, why add any stress at all until that has happened?