Am I cheating myself

I am not sure if I am cheating myself on my workouts or I am just pedaling more efficiently. I have been using the pedaling techniques learned on TR on most of my workouts when fatigue starts to set in. It helps a great deal and I have been able to get through all of the workouts. I am just hoping I am not cheating myself in my training. My speed and power are increasing. Times on the same route are also improving. Should I be failing to complete these workouts? Or am I doing just fine with what I am doing. I guess I am just wondering if I could be improving my performance more if I didn’t use all the pedaling techniques I have learned when fatigue starts to set in?

Not sure how you would be cheating yourself. If you’ve found techniques that work then keep using them!

You make it sound like completing workouts is a bad thing, it isnt. However, if you feel like they’re too easy then you can manually adjust your FTP or the intensity of individual workouts

The reason I bring this up is not because the workouts are easy, they are very difficult and I struggle just fine with where my FTP is set. I was just seeing on strava that there are lots of people that do not complete the workouts. Most don’t describe what caused them to stop the workouts early. Perhaps the FTP settings were manually adjusted and set to high. I let the Ramp test decide where it should be. The workouts are very tough, though not so tough that I can’t complete them. I mostly start using the pedaling techniques when lactate fills my legs to try and get relief.

Sounds like you’ve found the ideal intensity then. Failing the odd workout isn’t an issue but consistent failure could be an issue. @Nate_Pearson has made plenty of references in the podcasts to people who clearly have their FTP set too high and never complete a workout or always dial it down. You don’t want to be one of those people


Thank you so much for the reply, the pedaling techniques work and I will continue to use them without thinking I am cheating myself somehow.

It sounds like you are the poster child for how Trainer Road workouts are supposed to go. But if it ever gets too easy, nudge up your ftp by 3 or 5 watts and see if you are still able to complete the workouts. You don’t have to wait for a ramp test to give you permission.

99% sure Wiggins said on his Eurosport podcast that during his World Hour Record he spent some time concentrating on his legs moving up and down like in the piston drill.

I’ve been using the free period of Tacx Desktop App and there’s a “peanut graph” of pedal stroke and balance. It’s a good distraction to waste time on during climbs. I actually find my power goes up 20-30W, although it’s completely unsustainable.