All crosswind or head/tailwind - which route?

I’m planning 2.5 hour endurance pace ride outside today. Have 15-25mph and higher gusts wind forecast. Would you all choose a route that gives headwind out and tailwind home? Or pretty much crosswind all day? (Goal is to try to keep the power low throughout)

Headwind out, tailwind home


Just guessing here based on my experience: if more a climber/sustained/slow twitch person I think it would be easier to keep power lower with headwind out tail home. If more of a sprinter/flatlander/fast twitch person do tail out head home. If you don’t know cross.

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Always that way.

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I’m that for sure @KorbenDallas. Plus a meager 135 lbs! So raw power for lots of crosswinds? Not so much :joy:

@dbf I was thinking more how you apply power to the pedals vs. a weight/w/Kg thing. For example, less torque but applied longer throughout the arc of the pedal stroke (climber). As opposed to someone who applies higher torque but for a much shorter burst on the downstroke (sprinter).

Just from experience I end up losing a little cadence and power into a headwind I think for the same reasons as climbing…inertia or a lack of it.

Headwind then tailwind. That is my goto when i am alone. About keeping power low, that can be hard if there is a hard headwind, going 20km/h kan be frustrating :blush:

Did this for 3 hours yesterday, although the last 20 minutes were unavoidable headwinds

Just to be a contrarian here… haha. If you have a climb to start and finish downhill, I might go with tailwind for the climb and headwind for the downhill, especially considering you want it to be an endurance ride. Enjoy the day!

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Headwind all the time

At least that’s what it feels like in the Isle of Man, no wonder this place breeds good cyclists

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Living in a very exposed and windy area; headwind out, tail home.
At least that way if you smash yourself to bits you can make some attempt at a soft pedal home. There is nothing worse than trying to limp home and doing 15km/h and 300w and hearing nothing but howling wind in your ears. It is soul crushing.