AI FTP Detection Filters

Hi I’m probably overthinking again but for me I think I would like if you could filter AI FTP D numbers by Indoor/Outdoor/Road bike/TT bike.

Regardless of source (AIFTPD, FTP Test, manual guesses) this probably crosses over into the existing requests to have access to multiple FTP values. Examples like different bikes and/or power meters, inside outside and such.

I am tempted to merge this with the main one that dates back to 2018:

And is similar to another that I didn’t merge:

This all gets fuzzy when you get into the reality that “power” is not as reliable a value as we’d like when you include the many variables that exist once you step past a single setup and use case.

ETA: I will leave the handling of this (merge or not) to TR reps since I am unsure if it’s best to consider these together or separately.

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I might be wrong, but isn’t there an option to exclude a ride from PR’s etc? It might / would possibly help if that did, or could exclude rides from consideration for AI-FTPD. So you could just tick that box every time you ride the road bike.

Admittedly you’d then have to use a different source for your road FTP, or ride by feel.

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Yes, you can control it’s inclusion in TSS & PR’s.


That said, I have no idea what implication if any those switches have for something like AIFTPD in particular. It may also be the same story for AT generally speaking.

I get your suggestion, but it falls a fair bit short once you include stuff like 2 or more power meters / trainers not to mention different bikes and environments. Simple cases are simple, anything else it just short of ugly :stuck_out_tongue: