Age Grade Calculators for Cycling?

One of the things that the running world has done a great job of is to create various methods of comparing race times between age groups. They’re called “Age Grade Calculators” and let you enter in your gender, age, and recent race result, then it will give you a comparable time for that event if you were still at an age where your physical potential would be at the peak for that event.

For example, a 55 year old man running a marathon in 3:35 would be the equivalent of running a marathon in 3:04 were they around 30 years younger. One Such Age Grade Calculator

My question is there something anybody is aware of with something similar for cycling? Perhaps instead of a distance/time based calculator since cycling is so wind/terrain/equipment dependent, maybe you can age-grade a power curve? Anyways this would be something I would be very intrigued to see and maybe the folks at TR have the kinds of power data where they could assemble this.

Not a calculator, but some data on FTP related to age, from TR and their riders:

Another option is the one available through, that takes your data and compares it to their compiled info with respect to age groups.


British Cycling have the Vet Standard times. Means us oldies are always in with a shout of a prize at at TT!!

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Thanks for those resources…now it’s off to the math lab to see if there is something I can come up with to use this!

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