Aero bars - Specialized Roval Rapide cockpit

This may appear a strange question to many riders on newer bikes with some aero setups. My question is, what is the take on aero bars as for comfort? I’m looking at the Specialized Roval Rapide cockpit setup? I’ll be upgrading from a Giant TCR Advanced (2010) with no aero, to, I believe the SL8, possibly Sworks. Have riders experienced discomfort gripping the bar? Riding an aero bar will be very different than the round bars on my Giant.

Aero “tops” are actually more comfortable in my opinion, and others’, as evident by some non-aero promoted bars having flattened or ovalized tops. However by wrapping the tops of an aero promoted bar with bar tape(Roval Rapide included), you’re negating some/most of the aero benefits of said bar… Its up to you whether this is worth it or not. But also, if you spend a lot of time riding on the tops, I’d question if the SL8 with integrated cockpit is the right bike for you.

I have the Rapide bar and find it very comfortable. Oftentimes on the trainer I hold onto the middle part of the bar, but when riding outside I’m either in the drops or hoods. All positions feel comfortable (to me).

I have the rapide, prior to that I had the Tarmac stem + rapide bar, and I find the integrated one slightly better in confort
If you are sure about your fit, I’d go with it

I’ll be the first to go against the grain and say that flat aero bars are super uncomfortable to me. I had the Aerofly handlebar on my SL7 and hated it. I ride on the tops a lot one the flat section is not comfortable with my hands whatsoever. I would love to get the aero benefits but I chose comfort.

I have the rapide on my new tarmac. It is stiff and about as fast as i can imagine a handlebar being. It is comfortable in that it fits me and i like where my hands go. It is not comfortable in terms of compliance or vibration absorption like some other bars/stems.

You got me thinking. I do spend time on the tops when riding the flats and long climbs. I live in Tuscany. Hmmm…

You convey my suspicions. So, do I go back to my original plan and buy the Aethos… A super climbing bike.