Adult Mountain Bike - advice please?

Hi, I ride a bike for general fitness and getting out and about on roads and fields, but as my bike has only 15 gears, it’s a little limited sometimes when I get some speed up. Does anyone have an idea about where I can look for a 21 gear bike?

I normally look the shops before buying over the Internet, but what do you think about Halfords for comparison? I don’t know of any other bike shops in my area (WF7 postcode West Yorkshire), although I’ve only just started looking. My budget would be about £500 which I know is not high for bikes…

Thanks for any advice!

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I don’t have any recommendations, but one thing to be aware of is that it’s not really about the number of speeds that will effect how fast or slow you can go, it’s the gear ratios involved. Often more gears just means you have more options in between the extremes and doesn’t necessary mean the extremes themselves are any different.

It could be possible on your current bike to just put a bigger chain ring on it, and you will have a higher top speed, if that’s your main motivation for a new bike.


If you can post what you have on the bike now … even just pictures … guru’s here can probably help you determine if a new gearing will help.

More bikes is always better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Shame on you Hilbert!

You can get a decent enough bike for 500 quid. That price point should get you an aluminium hardtail with some hydraulic disc brakes and good enough gearing.
There are heaps of options with brands: Norco, Cube, Merida and GT are a few that come to mind from the large bike store chains in Aus. (UK will have others).

:+1: On the gearing comments.
My current race bike only has 12 gears and I can assure you it gets the job done. A 32t up front and the Eagle 10/50T cassette will get you approximately 40kms/8kms (25miles/5miles) per hr @ 90 RPMs with 29er MTB wheels.

Go have a look at Sheldon Brown’s website for easy to use calculators on gearing.

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