Adding weights tomprogramme

Hi. I’m looking to rejoin the gym and add sone weight training to my programme. I’m on low volume , tues, thur sat. Shoukd I do my weights in the morning and tr session in evening and then have a full day of recovery rather than tr one day weights the next ??v

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Podcast 345 will have you covered: Strength Exercises for Cyclists, High Volume, Goal Setting and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 345 - YouTube

They discuss this exact question and explain the options nicely.

TR recommends cycling first then gym but all the gym bros recommend gym first then cardio and after a bit of trial and error that works best for me too. I really can’t do a proper lifting session after a hard workout but can still do a hard workout after a gym session. Probably best to do legs on the same day as the hard TR workouts to allow for recovery