Add Power Scaling to Season Views

I’ve been using a Tacx Vortex Smart for the past year or so (which has their own power sensing) and last week I got my first real power meter (Favero Assioma). When I first got the pedals I did a few rides with my watch collecting the pedal data and trainerroad still only connected to the trainer. After doing those workouts and a ramp test and then comparing the powers, the trainer was ~20% over stating my power.

All of my workouts going forward are going to appear substantially easier than previous workouts and comparing power curves to previous seasons is going to only show regression. Is there any way to scale previous seasons power curves? Another option would be to allow scaling of a defined date range of workouts in the calendar and have that noted somewhere.

Sadly, the scaling of Personal Bests is not possible :slightly_frowning_face:

I do really like this idea though and I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration because I feel that this could be useful for many individuals who make the jump to a new power source after a significant time training on their previous unit.