Add direct link to the alternate workouts listed in the Week Tips / Week Description

I often like to use the longer, lower intensity Sunday rides that are suggested alternate workouts in the plans. These are located in the “Week Tips” / “Week Description” section of the Training Plans.

It would be great to have a hyperlink in the text that connected you to the workout. This would make adding it to the Calendar easier than having to do a separate search in the Workouts section.


Week Description

Week 4 is another well varied, cover-all-bases assortment of workouts that lends itself to furthering a number of riding capabilities.

First, you’ll experience the joy and the suffering of VO2max intervals, this time with matched rest - work for 3 minutes, rest for 3 minutes, do it again. Then, bask in your VO2max afterglow as you accumulate some light, aerobic stress before you undertake a quiet beast of a Threshold workout made even more challenging with an optional emphasis on determining your power-aero balance.

Finally, your week is capped off with yet another twist on over-under intervals in the form of mildly varied under-segments and short but equally varied over-segments followed the next day by some long but bearable Sweet Spot intervals. That is unless you choose the long, slow route where you’ll substitute Town Hill or Grandfather (if you’d prefer a handful of sprints) in place of Sunday’s scheduled workout.


Riding slightly above FTP is tough, but it’s even tougher to resist the “over-under urge” to drop well below your Target power each time you complete an over-segment. But considering how most meaningful moves take place when most riders have already reached their so-called limit, you’ll see time and again that this limit is only in your mind.

Everyone rides hard to the top of the hill, but the tough riders continue past the top of the hill and open a gap on everyone who refuses to work just a little longer. By keeping the pace fairly high after the hardest efforts, the winning selections are often formed.