Adaptive Training Ideal Progression Levels for Ironman

I’m just learning about Adaptive Training.
I’m doing Kona 2022 (cancelled twice already…ugh)
Currently I’m:
Endurance 7.3
Tempo 6.3
Sweet Spot 1.2
Threshold `1.3
Anaerobic 1.0
Sprint 1.0
I suspect this is normal. I doubt that Anaerobic and Sprint would not be needed to work on.
Ideally, am I supposed to get my numbers for End, Tempo, SS and Threshold as high as possible?
For example, with my numbers, looks like SS and Threshold would account for my FTP only being at 3.19 w/kg (245w).
Just need some general advice on how to evaluate how I’m to decide on how to emphasize. Or does the TR Training Plan for full distance ironman work on these automatically and my numbers will just increase over time.
Thanks in advance.

That’s it. More than that, it will build your FTP as well as give you very specific fitness required for IM.

I did the plan and highly recommend it. I’d advise to choose the lower volume if you wonder between two. Also there are a bunch of previous Kona athlete interviews on the podcast. Really inspiring!

Good luck!

Don’t think of progression levels as the level you are at. Rather, think of them as a way for AT to figure out what level workout to prescribe to you. A PL of 10 in tempo means nothing by itself.

The training progressions just give an idea of where you are currently functioning for the different zones for a given ftp. They seem to help guide productive training rather than being an end point to aim for.

Racing Kona suggests you’ve either qualified (in which case what you’ve been doing so far can’t be too wrong) or you’ve at least done a few ironmans to get a legacy slot.