Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Yup, aligns with what I have done for similar efforts.

Mine did the same at first - I had just done a ramp test the week before I got in and none scheduled for the first day of the new plan I added once I got in. However I’m thinking it might have been some weirdness with overlapping plans as once I cleaned everything up a ramp test appeared. It took almost two days for that to happen though. Of course YMMV.

The fact that Wahoo outside workouts don’t influence progression levels is sort of a downer for me. I’m totally happy to be helping with the Beta, but I just have to ignore my progression levels that are all stuck at 1 (mostly) and I never get any adaptations.

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I can help! Its a little bit tricky.
Plan Builder is the only way to build custom plans right now, and Plan Builder does not build custom plans with polarized blocks at this point. Part of the goal with polarized plans is to get more data on how best to implement polarized training over the course of a season etc; in other words, how to most effectively include polarized blocks in custom plans.

Adaptive Training only works with custom plans, in terms of suggesting adaptations.

However, if an athlete swaps out a block for a polarized block, then they will get polarized workouts adapted!
If athletes have swapped out a custom block with the method pictured below, the adaptations they’re experiencing at this moment are not guaranteed to follow a polarized framework. These plans are still in their experimental phase and as such, we simply haven’t built for that edge case yet.

If athletes on POL plans don’t mind the changes, then they are all set, but if they want to maintain the polarized framework, we recommend you just add the block in an ad-hoc manner. For @bobw 's case, being on a polarized plan means they’ll still see changes in their progression levels with AT, and be able to track how they feel via surveys.


Thanks, Ivy. Will have to think about this option and whether to give it a go.

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@IvyAudrain - would the same thing (switching out a block) work for traditional base? That is: could you use PB to create a custom plan, and then switch one of the blocks out for a traditional base block?

I don’t think that’s available. I see SS and Polarized.

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I just had an odd Adaptive Training experience. I just finished my first 4-week block of a Plan Builder program. I have it set as Low Volume, so rides on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and on Saturday and Sunday I do outdoor rides or if it rains, 1.5-2 hour Endurance TrainerRoad rides.

Today when I booted up the app to take my Ramp Test for the next 4-week block, I was first presented with adaptations for every workout in the block – most workouts were reduced by 1-2 full progression levels.

This seems like odd behavior that the system would deem all the workouts in the upcoming block to be too difficult prior to my ramp test. I haven’t had a failed workout yet, and I feel like I had an easy time with almost every workout in the first block, at least my HR is a bit lower than normal for the same efforts earlier in the year.

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Doesn’t seem to be the case, I’ve done 6 workouts since and no test. Not that I would do it, anyway.

Just some anecdotal feedback on AT, or more specifically the Progression Levels and decay rates…

Decay rates on energy systems that take a long time to build and sustain (months to years), are not individualized enough IMO. If I can bang out a PL 10 work in Endurance, Tempo, and Sweetspot energy systems w/ a post-survey RPE of “moderate” as the highest–within an ongoing 20-hour training week and cycle of 4weeks on, 1 week rest–the decay rate on these workouts should last longer than 10-14 days. There’s absolutely no reason to drop from a 10 in these zones, down to a 6 when all this other training is going on simultaneously.

I understand that mine may be a highly individualized case… but, if training history and performance across all energy systems is a part of the MI/AI, then it should be smarter than that.

Consider the following:

June 2nd: SST 8.3
June 22nd: SST 10.3

Today, July 6… SST PL dropped to 6.4. Why?

If anything, I could understand it defaulting back to the 8.3… but, even below that? Nope.

Have an 11.3 SST scheduled tomorrow, and yeah, it’ll go back up. But, I’m utilizing custom workouts and applying the PLs, as i’ve noted before to “keep me honest” … but, I can see this becoming bothersome and prompting training in certain areas that, in fact, haven’t decayed that much, if at all according to what the career landing page shows.



I agree with you…more work is needed on the PL adjustments. There also should be some cross impact on the PL. If your doing sweet spot work…it has to somehow impact endurance level as well.

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Definitely complete that Ramp Test before accepting those adaptations, but this may be due to your outside unstructured rides that are unfortunately not being accounted for (yet!).

Edit: are you just adding those outside rides, or switching your endurance workouts already prescribed to ‘outside’?

Oops! I am trying to be faithful to the ML system, so I am always accepting adaptations. I figure that having more data about the efficacy of the adaptations proposed will yield better overall results (system wide), even at the expense of my own training :grimacing:

Those additional Saturday and Sunday rides are not scheduled and are “free rides” synced via Strava.

My current training plan is Low Volume:

  • Tuesday: TrainerRoad - 60 minutes often subbed with 90 minute alternative
  • Wednesday: TrainerRoad - 60 minutes often subbed with 90 minute alternative
  • Thursday: TrainerRoad - 90 minutes
  • Saturday: Non-TrainerRoad, synced via Strava - 3 hour group or solo ride
  • Sunday: Non-TrainerRoad, synced via Strava - 3 hour group or solo ride

Soon™ I assume.


Cool! Still odd that you got adaptations at such a significant decrease, I mean those outside rides definitely speak to your overall fitness and training load being much greater than what Plan Builder alone is prescribing you. Nice work!

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I agree. I did sub in a 90 minute endurance ride on the most recent Sunday because it was raining. However, the app did not propose any adaptations after completing that ride.

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This is one of those details where being specific is helpful. On the last podcast Nate said outside rides with Garmin are working (not my experience). I think here you are speaking to unstructured outside rides (in comparison to workouts pushed to a Garmin for outside, yes?).

Can you please given the current status on what aspects of outside rides with Garmin are or are not working? Thanks!

Apologies! I edited my post to clarify: outside unstructured rides are not accounted for within AT yet.

Sorry for the confusion.

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