Abnormal HR activity (how much time do you spend in zone 1)?

I have noticed over the past year that my HR rarely, if ever is in Z1 during any kind of ride. My max HR is ~185, and my resting HR is around 60. Indoors or out, within <1 minute my HR leapfrogs from sub-100 to >120 and settles in the 130s if doing a recovery pace, or high 130s low 140s endurance work. SS generally stays in high 150s-160s, threshold/VO2 gets into 170s, and ramp test/brutal climbs get to 180s.

Except for Z1/recovery, all of that seems normal and very predictable to me, but I find it strange I can’t get my HR low, even at minus variants of Pettit, Baxter, and Taku.

This is a long term trend, not ride to ride. What, if anything is it telling me?

Vitals: 45 yo, 5’ 11" 70-72 KG, 6.5-8 hrs sleep a night, low BP and blood volume.

When on the bike im never below 115 bpm. Seems normal to me!

This makes sense to me, and doesn’t look to be too abnormal. It’s tough to do any real work on a bike and stay near your resting HR, it’s “resting” for a reason. For your muscles to get the blood flow they require to move, your “blood pump” (heart) has to start working a bit harder. I wouldn’t stress about this too much, but then again, I’m not a trained medical professional so take this with a grain of salt. :wink: :salt: