8 Weeks Out from A race

I’m 8 weeks out from my A race and I want to add a little more structure to my training. I completed base earlier this year and had good results but when the weather got nicer I couldn’t resist the urge to get outside and ride. Needless to say my structured training plan fizzled out. I had a solid summer and race season with some of my best results ever (top 5 in every cat 2 race). I want to refocus and get back into structured training before my A race. My question is do I jump into specialty or do I mix a build / specialty for the next 8 weeks?

just because you ride outside doesn’t mean that you need to can the training. Next time, simulate the workouts outdoors! You’ll do great!

congrats, that’s awesome!

do two 4 week blocks that 1) target power requirements for the A race and 2) focus on your weaknesses.

Look at your w/kg over all durations to see where you might need some work, or your CP curve.

If you’re on Training Peaks we can link up if you need any help.