70.3 Pacing and IF while managing running injuries / deficiency

I’m about to complete my first 70.3 after a couple of years out of triathlon. The reason for giving up triathlon was how constantly sore or injured I was from running. I am going into this race with a heavy bike and swim focus, but ultimately can’t neglect the fact that I have a half marathon to run at the end. I’m keeping my run training minimal (3 sessions per week, 2x aerobic and one longer trail run no greater than 1:15hrs… I just don’t pull up as sore from long trails vs pavement, and I’m hoping the strength gains from trails will, in part, negate the need for higher intensity interval sessions that historically leave me sore or injured.) On race day, despite my painful run history, if I have a good day, I should still be able to pull a 1:30 (or hopefully less) half marathon time out of the hat, and then just suffer for the next week post-race… Anyways, my question relates to bike pacing strategy. Other posts in this forum recommend a 0.7-0.8 IF for the 70.3 time trial, however, if I don’t have as strong a run leg as-is ideal, should I go for broke on the bike and aim for .85-.9IF, and hang on as best I can in the run? For reference, Its a flat course, both bike and run, and I currently have a 241 FTP or about 3.5w/kg… 69kg body weight, 42 yrs old. Thanks in advance!!

I have a 70.3 coming up in Feb and have a similar w/kg and age to you. Based on some guidelines I have seen (80/20 Triathlon) for your w/kg you would be shooting for 78 to 81% of FTP on a half ironman bike. Strongly suggest (if possible) to do an outdoor ride with that range in the aero position and see how it feels.