650b Road tubes?

Working on an old Litespeed for a small framed female friend and she has a pair of 650b wheels that require new tires and tubes. I’m having a hell of a time tracking down a 650b 23-25mm tube. Any suggestions?

Continental 42MM / 60MM Presta Valve Bicycle Tube Pack of 2 Amazon.com

There’s a 650x18-25 option, $23 per pair. LBS may have some laying around since I’m sure they’re not sold often

For a hack that may be within reach, try a 26" x 1.25" tube (or close to that size) and just stretch it.


Thanks! Not sure how I missed those. I knew I could count on this group :slight_smile:

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Go with the wrong size on the small side.

650b or 650c? 650c is usual for smaller riders’ road wheels, 650b is basically MTB 27.5"