650 wheels, shorter cranks... For shorter guys

I am a shorter guy, 5’4", 163cm, in the market for a newer bike after getting into biking with a late model Cannondale caad3. I have also started to dabble in triathlon, Olympic distance.
Will ride outside but also on trainer.
Where I live riding outside in Aero position on tri bars likely not the easiest to do.
I don’t know what kind and size of bike to get.
Road vs tri?
Should I be trying to get 650 wheels?
Shorter cranks (165?)
A bike fit once I have the bike seems like a good idea.
Thank you for any suggestions.

I would say get the bike fit first and then buy a bike that will fit you based on the coordinates your bike fitter gives you.

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For multisport –

Tri/TT Bike; or, Road Bike w/clip-on Aero Bars.
No 650 wheels. Plenty of nice small-frame bikes w/700 wheels to choose from.
Yes, consider 165 crankset for Tri/TT bike; or, 165/170 for Road bike.
Yes, get properly fitted. Do your research on this, so you know what’s going on.

Ride on…

@bherbers, I will contact fitter to see if they offer that service

Thanks @Brushman

Try to find a fitter with an actual adjustable fit bike. Lots of guys will just basically eyeball it or try to get you on to any bike they have in stock.

There is a HUGE variance in fitters.