35mm Clip-on Aerobars

I’m currently training for a few sprint tris and a 70.3 on a Felt VR5 w/ 35mm handlebars. I spend a lot of time in the drops, but I’m considering clip-on aerobars. It’s my first tri season so i’m not too concerned with times, but would like to pick up some extra speed if possible. Are Deda the only ones who make aerobars that will work for me? Not having much luck in my search.

I wasn’t able to find any other options either :pensive:.

I’m hoping that thowing my comment on here will help this thread back to the top of the list where someone with personal experience might see it :+1:

Would any of the Profile Design clip ons work?

Thanks for looking! I have a 2018 VR5 and it looks like the ‘19 models switch back to the standard 31.8mm bars. These look like they’d work. I’m just surprised at the lack of info/options out there.

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I don’t believe so. Looks like all profile design fits the standard 31.8 thickness

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