30T Shimano 12sp Compatible Chainring for Power2Max

I have a Power2Max spider-based (104BCD) power meter on my mountain bike, which runs a 12-speed Shimano XT/XTR drivetrain.

I’m currently using a Wolftooth 32T, which works great, but is far from ideal gearing for my terrain and fitness and Wolftooth doesn’t make a 30T.

I’ve been looking for a compatible 30T, but have found only one option. It’s sold at PowermeterCity. Can anyone verify that this will work with Shimano 12-speed chain?

Any other options out there in 30T that are verified to work with the 12spd Shimano chain?

Garbaruk is the only one that P2Max says is good to go. I have one, but have not mounted it yet.


Damn, I didn’t realize I also needed to worry about compatibility with the power meter, too.

Thanks for the reco and please update once you mount it.

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Got my Scalpel back from the shop an mounted up the 30t to the P2Max spider.

The Garbaruk 30t has a small shoulder on it to keep it away from the spider, and the shoulder is also threaded, so no bolts required on the back side.

Going to give the setup a spin out at Fort Ord next weekend to see just how much of a difference a 30t makes on the climby parts out there.

(freshly waxed KMC chain looks kinda flakey though)

Finally got out for a ride on steep terrain on this.

Zero issues with the drive train.

Only observation is that when getting into the big cog on the back, my pedal stroke feels very square, but also mostly easier to keep pedaling except for the semi abrupt part of the stroke? Maybe revert to a 32. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve been running a Garbaruk for almost a year with no issues.

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