30-40 min strength with ride


I have always loved incorporating strength training into my life. It’sa difficulty balance with riding and wanting to get stronger. Add work and other life obligations, it can become a lot.

I used to ride 4x a week and full body strength 2x a week. With chads help I’ve made immense gains in my comfort with a rocker plate and I have a huge desire to get even stronger.

I’m playing with 2x full body a week 30-40min sessions followed by a ride. Usually tempo/ss

Curious if my plan is effective to have some benefits for the bike

Bench press 3x8-10/incline bench
Lat pull down/seated row 3x 8-10
Shoulder press 3x 8-10/face pulls
Bulgarian split squats 3x6-8
Single leg rdl 3x6-8 l/ hyperextension glute focused 3x12-15
Clamshells 3x15

I’m trying to get out of my head that I need to destroy myself with weights to gains. Can 30-40 mins of heavy lifting benefit me for body comp and the bike gains

Any suggestions are welcome! Happy Friday!


You could do few changes that train your core better for example:

Lat pull down/seated row → Pull ups, barbell row
Shoulder press → overhead press with barbell or kettlebell

I like to avoid machines when I can, you get more out of the time you put in.

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Thanks for your time in replying!!! Yes I do have dumbbells and kettlebells. You are so right. I will incorporate them for sure. Amazing for stabilizers and overall conditioning!!!

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My only thoughts are:

  1. I would move abs more toward the end. That way your core isn’t cooked as you’re trying to do heavy Bulgarians
  2. This sounds like a whole lot to try to squeeze into 30-40 min. It gives you like 2min max per set. You might find that you can lift heavier and with more quality if you either do a bit less or give yourself more time.

Yeah 40min sounds tough, I’m doing strength maintenance now and it takes me about 60min to do a full body workout, though I like to not be in a hurry.

Bulgarian split squat 4x4
Trap bar dl 4x4
Kettlebell overhead press 2x10
Barbell row 2x8
Pushup variations 3 sets

Pullups I do at home.

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More kettlebell!

Throw in some Turkish Get Ups. Lifting heavy is cool but being able to move is the actual key to a better life.


Any reason why you’re putting them so close together, other than necessity?

If possible when doing them on the same day, I like to separate them by several hours, at least one proper meal, and - ideally - a nap.

ETA: If lifting for cycling is your priority - quads / glutes / hams first. Upper body afterwards.

My workouts did take me around 60-75mins.

Due to my scheduling with work and other life things I was curious if I could do shorter lifting sessions and add in a ride right after

If you’re pressed for time supersets work really well. They might incur more fatigue and so use supersets wisely.
Me personally, I only use super sets for the upper body if I’m pressed for time. That way I can focus more on compound lifts for my lower body. Doing leg supersets I doubt you could do Sweetspot afterwards.

Maybe go for broke and follow your weights with 20 minutes or so of Tabata intervals on the bike?

In for a penny … :slightly_smiling_face: