22 gears with no front derailer

Thanks for the insight. I really would like to see how a wide range front derailleur would work out. SRAM’s ramp based patent may be able to support this if they ever make it.

Sure, “my” second bike (which was my mom’s, really) had hub gears, too. But the idea is to replace a front derailleur with a hub gear is nice. Hub gears are protected from the elements and need little if any maintenance. And apparently you can shift this puppy under load (well, < 1000 W), which — if true — is quite different from regular hub gears and a front derailleur.

If it’s efficient and reliable - seems like a fantastic idea!

Great to see new tech that actually makes sense!

2x2x11… :thinking:


I actually just did a video on a Sram 1x13 Hack. I tried 1x on road before and you were always giving up something, range or close ratios. I think this gets pretty close. Check it out.